Concordances: GND

The Integrated Authority File (GND) is an authority file for Persons, Corporate bodies, Conferences and Events, Geographic Information, Topics and Works. It is operated cooperatively mostly by German libraries. Its content can be used under CC 1.0 in multiple formats.

GND is being mapped to several other knowledge organization systems.

Mappings stored in GND

See the concordance registry for GBD-DDC mappings also stored in the GND data. Additional mappings are counted daily:

Mappings KOS Date
13 gettyulan 20180621
1675 isni 20180621
726 lccn 20180621
1 matrix-number 20180621
4295 orcid 20180621
607 rid 20180621
1699 scopus 20180621
1885 viaf 20180621
667 wikidata 20180621
1 doi 20180621

Wikidata Mappings

See Wikidata concordances for mappings from Wikidata to GND, harvested daily.

RVK Mappings

See the Concordance registry.