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Mapping Wikidata and other vocabularies with Cocoda


Last month the WikiCite Virtual Conference took place with 32 hours of presentations and discussion in 5 languages. Recordings are available, there is a lot of interesting input! In particular we co-organized a session on Knowledge Organization and bibliographic data. After a keynote by Andrea Scharnhorst we gave a German introduction how to create and manage mappings between Wikidata and other vocabularies using Cocoda. The presentation was later repeated in English as well (7 minutes).

In Wikidata there is also a detailled documentation page about Cocoda. Have a look and try out mapping!

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Wir suchen zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt Verstärkung für unser Team


We released a stable release 1.0.0 of database interface.


DFG-Bewilligung für die abschließende Phase des coli-conc Projekts (2021/2022)


Support for Skosmos hierarchies and sharing mapping searches


Das Vokabular-Verzeichnis wird vom coli-conc Team betrieben


Our new website is now live!