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coli-ana is a tool for analysis of synthesized DDC numbers. The tool is being developed as part of project colibri, of which coli-conc is also a sub-project. coli-conc plans to intergrate the results of coli-ana into its infrastructure and provide information on decomposed DDC numbers in different formats (MARC, JSKOS...). The results of this tool present a great value for subject-indexers, mapping works and for the research community.

More information about coli-ana can be found in the presentation Automatic Analysis of DDC Numbers based on MARC21 given by Ulrike Reiner at EDUG Symposium 2016.


The synthesized DDC number 700.90440747471 can be composed from:

The following mockup show how integration of coli-ana into Cocoda mapping tool could look like:

mockup of coli-ana

In JSKOS data format this would be expressed as:

  "notation": [ "700.90440747471" ],
  "memberList": [
    { "uri": "", "notation": "700" },
    { "uri": "", "notation": "T1--09044" },
    { "uri": "", "notation": "T1--074" },
    { "uri": "", "notation": "T2--7471" }