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name and link description status
JSKOS JSON based data format for KOS
ELMA Simple subset of JSKOS-API
JSKOS-API API to access KOS data early notes


name, code, and description current status latest release
jskos-php PHP library for JSKOS
jskos-rdf PHP library to process JSKOS and RDF data
wdmapper Wikidata authority file mapping tool
skos2jskos Convert SKOS/RDF to JSKOS CPAN version
ng-suggest AngularJS module for Typeahead via OpenSearch Suggestions
ng-skos AngularJS module for JSKOS
cocoda-db database backend to store and serve JSKOS
cocoda web application mapping tool prototype
jskos-php-examples Sample applications of jskos-php, e.g. wrappers of terminology services to JSKOS-API live demo
cocoda-mappings concordances, mappings and conversion scripts to create JSKOS mappings