Publications: Software

The following libraries and applications have been released as Open Source so far.

name and description type status language release
cocoda web application mapping tool application production JavaScript
jskos-server JSKOS mapping provider application production JavaScript
jskos-tools JSKOS tool library library production JavaScript
jskos-validate JSKOS validation library library production JavaScript
wikidata-jskos Access Wikidata in JSKOS format library production JavaScript
occurrences-api API to query catalog (co)occurrences prototype production Perl
login-server single sign-on login server application production JavaScript
login-client library for login-server library production JavaScript
mc2skos command-line tool to convert MARC to SKOS application production Python
jskos-php PHP library for JSKOS library production PHP
jskos-http JSKOS API implementation library production PHP
jskos-rdf PHP library to process JSKOS and RDF data library production PHP
orcid-jskos PHP wrapper to access ORCID in JSKOS format library production PHP
viaf-jskos PHP wrapper to access VIAF in JSKOS format library production PHP
bartoc-jskos PHP wrapper to access BARTIC in JSKOS format library production PHP
skosify command-line tool to convert and check SKOS vocabularies application production Python
bk2rdf extract and enrich BK records to MARC application production Perl
wikidata-taxonomy command-line tool to extract taxonomies from Wikidata application production JavaScript
wdmapper Wikidata authority file mapping tool application production Python
skos2jskos Convert SKOS/RDF to JSKOS application prototype Perl
ng-suggest AngularJS module for Typeahead via OpenSearch Suggestions library prototype JavaScript
ng-skos AngularJS module for JSKOS library prototype JavaScript
cocoda-db database backend to store and serve JSKOS application prototype Perl
jskos-php-examples Sample applications of jskos-php (wrapper etc.) application demo PHP
cocoda-mappings concordances, mappings and conversion scripts library demo multiple