We provide a several applictaions, data sets and APIs for public use.


Core or the project is Cocoda Mapping Tool.

We further evaluate ccmapper mapping tool for mapping against DDC.

See software for a full list of programming libraries and applications.

Data sets

  • KOS Types
    Classification of knowledge organization systems. Data extracted from Wikidata.

  • KOS Registry
    Description of knowledge organization systems relevant to project coli-conc. Data extracted from BARTOC.

  • Concordance Registry
    Concordances collected and unified in project coli-conc. Data collected manually.

  • Wikidata Mappings
    Collected mappings between Wikidata and other systems. Data extracted daily from Wikidata.

  • GND Mappings
    Collected mappings between the Integrated Authority File (GND) and other systems. Work in progress.


Several web services are being developed to query information related to knowledge organization systemes in JSKOS format.