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BARTOC relaunch at Common Library Network GBV


The terminology registry BARTOC has been moved to the head office of common library network Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund (GBV). BARTOC contains information about more than 5.000 knowledge organization systems such as thesauri, ontologies, and authority files. The content is curated by an international group of editors and it is published as open content in human-readable and machine-readable form. The migration includes a change of the name from "Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications" to "Basic Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications". BARTOC was developed and hosted at University Library Basel by Andreas Ledl starting in 2013. Its new technical infrastructure is based on project coli-conc. With the relaunch BARTOC becomes a central element of authority based services such as uniform lookup in vocabularies and authority file mappings with the web application Cocoda.

The URL of BARTOC stays at and we made sure to keep all existing links and content. Feedback, corrections and hints on additional vocabularies are welcome by the BARTOC editors!


Der Abschlussbericht der letzten Entwicklungsphase des Projekts coli-conc ist von der DFG genehmigt und nun veröffentlicht worden.


Introduces tagging mismatch reasons and non-indexing concepts


Improves display of concept information, and many other small changes


Adds support for new filters, suggestions via catalog co-occurrences, and additional vocabulary APIs


Sacherschließungsdaten des K10plus-Katalog als Open Data veröffentlicht


The software library cocoda-sdk can be used to access terminologies from various sources