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At the end of 2020 the terminology registry BARTOC was migrated to the head office of common library network (VZG). Team coli-conc is responsible for its maintenance since then. In the last month we fixed the pending bugs and polished the user interface to finally reach a stable release version 1.0.0. Major improvements include an enhanced search with multiple sort options and improved vocabulary editing.

BARTOC is continuously extended, your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated! To add or modify vocabulary metadata please contact the editors.

New layout:

BARTOC after migration

Old layout:

BARTOC before migration


Approval of DFG funding for the final phase of project coli-conc (2021/2022)


Support for Skosmos hierarchies and sharing mapping searches


At WikiCite Virtual conference we showed how to map Wikidata and other vocabularies with Cocoda mapping application


The terminology registry will be run by project coli-conc


Our new website is now live!


DDC/SDNB notation handling and small fixes