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Cocoda 1.4.5


Release 1.4.5 of Cocoda contains a few bugfixes and updated dependencies. It also adds direct integration of coli-ana to allow analyzing synthesized DDC numbers right in Cocoda.[1]

You can find the full release notes on GitHub.

  1. Note that this integration is still a work in progress. For more information, please refer to this GitHub issue. ↩︎


We present an API and web interface to look up which DDC classes are contained in a synthesized DDC number


BARTOC is being extended to support unified vocabulary search and browsing.


We released a stable release 1.0.0 of database interface.


Approval of DFG funding for the final phase of project coli-conc (2021/2022)


Support for Skosmos hierarchies and sharing mapping searches


At WikiCite Virtual conference we showed how to map Wikidata and other vocabularies with Cocoda mapping application