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Cocoda 1.8.0


With release 1.8.0 of Cocoda, the mapping tool now provides a filter by annotation within the mapping search.

We have also reimplemented mapping suggestions via catalog co-occurrences for a selected concept in the mapping navigator. This feature is based on a data dump of K10plus (more information on Github and in this blog post) and uses a new occurrences-api.

SkoHub vocabularies are now partially supported (see also Added support of SkoHub vocabularies); MyCoRe vocabs like Sachgruppen der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Bibliographie are now fully supported.

The release also includes some additional changes. You can find the full release notes on GitHub.


Der Abschlussbericht der letzten Entwicklungsphase des Projekts coli-conc ist von der DFG genehmigt und nun veröffentlicht worden.


Introduces tagging mismatch reasons and non-indexing concepts


Improves display of concept information, and many other small changes


Sacherschließungsdaten des K10plus-Katalog als Open Data veröffentlicht


The software library cocoda-sdk can be used to access terminologies from various sources


Informationen zum Einbinden eigener Vokabulare in Cocoda anhand verschiedener Beispiele.