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Cocoda 1.8.0


With release 1.8.0 of Cocoda, the mapping tool now provides a filter by annotation within the mapping search.

We have also reimplemented mapping suggestions via catalog co-occurrences for a selected concept in the mapping navigator. This feature is based on a data dump of K10plus (more information on Github and in this blog post) and uses a new occurrences-api.

SkoHub vocabularies are now partially supported (see also Added support of SkoHub vocabularies); MyCoRe vocabs like Sachgruppen der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Bibliographie are now fully supported.

The release also includes some additional changes. You can find the full release notes on GitHub.


Sacherschließungsdaten des K10plus-Katalog als Open Data veröffentlicht


The software library cocoda-sdk can be used to access terminologies from various sources


Informationen zum Einbinden eigener Vokabulare in Cocoda anhand verschiedener Beispiele.


Concordances can now be managed inside Cocoda


Weitere Vokabulare in BARTOC und Cocoda verfügbar.


Die neue Version des DDC-Analysetool coli-ana bringt Verbesserungen und ermöglicht die Eintragung von DDC-Zerlegungen in den K10plus-Katalog