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Cocoda 1.9.0


Release 1.9.0 of Cocoda improves how concept data is displayed. All important information is now visible in the first tab as well as inside a popover in Mapping Search/Navigator.

The latter will make it easier to choose the right mapping suggestion without having to select the concept.

The German user documentation was completely revised and should now match the English version.

This release also includes some additional changes, including important changes to Docker usage. You can find the full release notes on GitHub for more information.


Der Abschlussbericht der letzten Entwicklungsphase des Projekts coli-conc ist von der DFG genehmigt und nun veröffentlicht worden.


Introduces tagging mismatch reasons and non-indexing concepts


Adds support for new filters, suggestions via catalog co-occurrences, and additional vocabulary APIs


Sacherschließungsdaten des K10plus-Katalog als Open Data veröffentlicht


The software library cocoda-sdk can be used to access terminologies from various sources


Informationen zum Einbinden eigener Vokabulare in Cocoda anhand verschiedener Beispiele.