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Vocabulary browsing in BARTOC


The vocabulary registry BARTOC contains metadata about several thousand library classifications, thesauri, ontologies and other controlled vocabularies to improve visibility and findability of knowledge organization systems. With the migration to coli-conc infrastructure, we also aim to improve direct access to vocabulary content. This includes information about public APIs to access vocabularies, for instance Skosmos, Skohub, JSKOS API, SPARQL, and other kinds of webservices.

Based on these APIs we started to implement searching and browsing in vocabularies as part of BARTOC user interface. See Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms, EuroVoc, Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK), and DDC. The latter is only available in German because of the license.

Unification of vocabulary services in BARTOC will be presented at poster at Code4Lib 2021 conference. A small slideset is available via

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Der Abschlussbericht der letzten Entwicklungsphase des Projekts coli-conc ist von der DFG genehmigt und nun veröffentlicht worden.


Introduces tagging mismatch reasons and non-indexing concepts


Improves display of concept information, and many other small changes


Adds support for new filters, suggestions via catalog co-occurrences, and additional vocabulary APIs


Sacherschließungsdaten des K10plus-Katalog als Open Data veröffentlicht


The software library cocoda-sdk can be used to access terminologies from various sources