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All software developed in project coli-conc is made available as Open Source.

name and descriptiontypestatuslanguagerelease
cocoda web application mapping toolapplicationproductionTravis badgeJavaScript
jskos-server JSKOS mapping providerapplicationproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript BARTOC user interfaceapplicationproductionJavaScript
jskos-cli Command Line Applications to process JSKOS dataapplicationproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
coli-ana API to analyze DDC numbersapplicationproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
login-server single sign-on login serverapplicationproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
login-client library for login-serverlibraryproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
jskos-tools JSKOS tool librarylibraryproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
cocoda-sdk SDK for Cocoda and coli-conc serviceslibraryproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
jskos-validate JSKOS validation librarylibraryproductionGitHub action badgeJavaScript
wikidata-jskos Access Wikidata in JSKOS formatlibraryproductionTravis badgeJavaScript
occurrences-api API to query catalog (co)occurrencesprototypeproductionTravis badgePerl
mc2skos command-line tool to convert MARC to SKOSapplicationproductionTravis badgePython
skos2jskos Convert SKOS/RDF to JSKOSapplicationproductionTravis badgePerl
bk2rdf extract and enrich BK records to MARCapplicationproductionPerllink
wikidata-taxonomy command-line tool to extract taxonomies from WikidataapplicationproductionTravis badgeJavaScript
wdmapper Wikidata authority file mapping toolapplicationproductionTravis badgePython
nomisma-reconciliation Proxy for the Nomisma OpenRefine Reconciliation APIapplicationproductionJavaScript
cocoda-services Coli-conc backend servicesconfigurationproductionBash
coli-conc-examples Examples of using coli-conc services and librariesdemodemomultiple
coli-rich Enrichment of PICA catalog records with subject indexing data from concordancesapplicationdemoTravis badgeJavaScript
jskos-php PHP library for JSKOSlibrarydeprecatedTravis badgePHP
jskos-http JSKOS API implementationlibrarydeprecatedTravis badgePHP
jskos-rdf PHP library to process JSKOS and RDF datalibrarydeprecatedTravis badgePHP
orcid-jskos PHP wrapper to access ORCID in JSKOS formatlibrarydeprecatedPHP
viaf-jskos PHP wrapper to access VIAF in JSKOS formatlibrarydeprecatedTravis badgePHP
ng-suggest AngularJS module for Typeahead via OpenSearch SuggestionslibraryprototypeTravis badgeJavaScript
ng-skos AngularJS module for JSKOSlibraryprototypeTravis badgeJavaScript
jskos-php-examples Sample applications of jskos-php (wrapper etc.)applicationdemoTravis badgePHPlink
jskos2marc Convert JSKOS authority records to MARC21librarydemoPHP
cocoda-winibw Integration von WinIBW und CocodalibrarydemoJavaScript


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VZG-Project Colibri/DDC was started in 2003 by Ulrike Reiner. It consists of subprojects coli-ana, coli-auto, coli-corr and coli-conc.

See also related works by other organizations and individuals.