This service allows to use external identities for single sign-on. By using this service, you agree that the following data of authenticated identities is saved in our database and made available to selected applications (see below):

  • name
  • a unique personal identifier
  • IDs, names, usernames, URIs, and access tokens (if applicable)

Applications may further store and share the data by their own conditions. Passwords are never saved or shared in any way.

After logging in, you will be able to see all data associated with your user account by clicking on the My Data link in the footer. You will also be able to delete your user account which results in the immediate removal of all your data from our database. Note that data used in associated applications will not be deleted when deleting your user account.

Applications with access to Login Server:

On the sessions page, you can assess your currently active sessions and which applications have initiated them.