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Concept Schemes

Terminologies, also known as Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS), are modeled as Concept Schemes in (J)SKOS format. 1357 terminologies have been extracted from until 2018-12-18 02:05 and converted to JSKOS format.

id notation name created creator (VIAF) license extent & languages
*7AGIFTAustralian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus en158595136CC BY-NC-ND 3.0en
*8Historical Archive of São Paulo Archival Description en2010pt
*9Archives in London and the M25 Area Thesaurus enen
*10Australian Public Affairs Information Service Thesaurus en1978136194678en
CSHCanadian Subject Headings en122051864Over 6000 subject authority records (2017-06)
en fr
*12Adult Community Learning Thesaurus en2006954 Terms, 79 non-preferred terms (2016-12)
*13Canada School of Public Service Controlled Vocabulary en20071442018541883 Terms (2016-12).
*14ELSSTEuropean Language Social Science Thesaurus en2000159763274da en fi fr el it lt no es sv
EuroVoc en229069752bg ca hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu it lv lt mk mt pl pt mo sr sk sl es sv
GEMETGeneral Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus en135232315CC BY 3.0ar eu bg ca zh hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt no pl pt mo ru sk sl es sv tr uk
*17Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus en122051864en fr
Encyclopedic and Unified Alphabetical Directory of Authority-Matter en126212452fr
*19Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus en261755887, 136064028en
IATEInter-Active Terminology for Europe en19991678961318.4 million terms, including approximately 540 000 abbreviations and 130 000 phrases (2016-06)
bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it la lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*21Subject index en138544755es
*22Index New Zealand Thesaurus en267016301en mi
*23IPSVIntegrated Public Sector Vocabulary en2005
*24Illinois Researcher Information Service Keyword Thesaurus enen
*25Institute of Major Hazards Thesaurus en2000123420528fr
*26Los Angeles Comprehensive Bibliographic Database Thesaurus en129870724en
*27LGCLLocal Government Category List enen
*28PICO Thesaurus en2011CC BY 3.0en it
PSHPolythematic Structured Subjec en168476917CC BY-SA 3.0cs en
*30Publishing and Depository Services Program Subject Thesaurus en131618815en fr
*31Subjects of New Zealand Thesaurus enen
*32Statistics Canada Thesaurus en132440675en fr
*33TAGSThesaurus of Australian Government Subjects en142426510, 262154056en
*34Thesaurus of the Board of Andalusia en142508669es
*35ISOC Urban Planning Thesaurus en147551119es
*36SPINES Thesaurus en157199298, 139500314en fr de ru es
*37Thesaurus for Use in College and University Archives en131206033en
*38UKATUK Archival Thesaurus en2004157574888en
*39United Nations Bibliographical Information System Thesaurus en2001131898432, 126131433ar zh en fr ru es
UNESCO Thesaurus en1977139500314CC BY-SA 3.04414 concepts (preferred terms) (2016-06)
en fr ru es
*41U.S. Agency for International Development Thesaurus en128124220, 168364449en
*42Utah Taxonomy en294960871en es
*43Controlled Vocabulary of the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (UNCUYO) en20041225827763865 (2017-04)
*44Vocabulary of the Central Library of the FFyL en20011436223706615 (2017-04)
*45General Vocabulary of the National Library of Teachers en151856129es
*46Wisconsin Thesaurus en123150810en
*47Gnomon Thesaurus en39499337en fr de it es
*48European Heritage Network Multilingual Thesaurus enbg hr nl en fi fr de el hu lt no pl pt mo sr sl es
*49FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus en2013145308002, 308771733CC BY 3.0en
*50English Heritage Aircraft Type Thesaurus en145308002, 308771733en
*51FISH Archaeological Sciences Thesaurus en2013145308002CC BY 3.0en
*52English Heritage Cargo Types Thesaurus en145308002, 308771733en
*53Components (EH) en2013145308002CC BY 3.0en
*54FISH Event Types Thesaurus en2013145308002CC BY 3.0en
*55Evidence (EH) en145308002CC BY 3.0en
FISH Building Materials Thesaurus en2013145308002CC BY 3.0en
*57FISH Maritime Craft Types Thesaurus en2013145308002CC BY 3.0en
*58English Heritage Maritime Place Name Thesaurus en145308002, 308771733en
*59FISH Thesaurus of Monument Types en2013145308002, 308771733CC BY 3.0en
*60English Heritage National Trust Thred Thesaurus enen
*61English Heritage Defence Of Britain Thesaurus enen
*62Numismatische Bilddatenbank Thesaurus de39499337de
*63Thesaurus Peuples, Anthroponymes, Chronologie, Toponymes, Œuvres, Lieux et Sujets enar nl en fr de it es
*64Australia-Japan Research Project Area Thesaurus en1997147778324, 158909256en ja
*65Australia-Japan Research Project Keyword Thesaurus en1997147778324, 158909256en ja
*66Australia-Japan Research Project Unit Name Thesaurus en1997147778324, 158909256en ja
*67BIHRInternational Bibliography of Humanism and Renaissance Thesaurus en149570299en fr
*68Thesaurus of Women's History en140556370ca es
*69Thesaurus History of Catalonia en20093058615964510 (2017-04)
*70THELOThesaurus Locorum en130896172de la
*71Thesaurus Professionum en2004130877312, 13089617230445 (2017-04)
de la
*72Thesaurus for the Indexation of Local Archives en2009159943235CC BY-SA 3.0fr
*73Victorian Local History Thesaurus en267622057en
*74Vocabulary of Argentine and American History enes
AATGetty Art and Architecture Thesaurus en156706556ODC-Byzh nl en fr de it es
*76ARTbibliographies Modern Thesaurus enen
*77APTAustralian Pictorial Thesaurus en141694985en
*82Arquitectura enes
*83Art Full Text Thesaurus en128972161en
*84Base Arcade Thesaurus en131469365fr
*85Beethoven Thesaurus en157124766en
*86Biblioteca Ambrosiana Subject Keys enen
*87Vincent-Warren Dance Library Thesaurus enfr
*88BIRTH Television Archive Multilingual Thesaurus ennl en fr de
*89British Museum Materials Thesaurus en134857252en
*90British Museum Object Names Thesaurus en134857252en
*91Canadian Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology en121893957en fr
*92Cine-Resources Thesaurus en123123699fr
*93Communication Thesaurus en144810222en
CONAThe Cultural Objects Names Authority en156706556en
*95Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Thesaurus en155544572en fr
*96Database of Virtual Art Keywords en1999126344972en
*97Thesaurus of Contemporary History of Spain en147551119es
*98Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. Genre Terms en2000120688768377 (2017-03)
*99The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Taxonomy en123926298CC BY-ND 3.09700 (2017-04)
*100The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Thesaurus en123926298CC BY-NC-ND 3.0en
*101International Index to Film Periodicals Subject Headings en127337669en
*102The Thesaurus Network Computerized access to the Collections of Museums Institutions enfr
*103List of Museological Art Terms of the Acceder Collective Catalog enes
*104Mediterranean House of Human Sciences Phonotheque Thesaurus en154702628fr
*105Powerhouse Museum Object Names Thesaurus en131091746en
*106Telecommunications Object Thesaurus enen
*107Thesaurus of Audiovisual Documentation enes
TGNThe Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names en156706556ODC-Byen
*110The Moving Image Genre-Form Guide enen
*111Thesaurus Circus enfr it
Thesaurus for the Designation of Architectural and Structural Works en2011CC BY-SA 3.0fr
*113Thesaurus of Household Objects en2001146675636fr
*114TGMThesaurus for Graphic Materials en151962300en sv
*115Thesaurus Mass Communication en1975154366845en fr es
*116Thesaurus of Musical Instruments en1480 entries (2017-04)
*117Controlled Vocabularies for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloging en136098327, 120688768en
ULANThe Union List of Artist Names en156706556ODC-Byen
*119Vocabulary of Circus en172621877fr
*120ZINE Thesaurus of Subject Terms enen
*121Linguistics Thesaurus en50999590, 22277081en et fi de
*122Linguistics Thesaurus en134697625en
*123DELCElectronic Dictionary of Colombian Literature enes
*124Harry Potter Thesaurus en2001125926766en
*125Literature study case glossary en140174005en fi
*126Children and Youth Literature en264299797pt
*127Regus of the Empire Thesaurus en130896172en de
*128TELLThesaurus of Language and Literature enes
*129African Studies Thesaurus en2006en
*130AFSETAmerican Folklore Society Ethnographic Thesaurus en152433851en
*131American Museum of Natural History/Division of Anthropology/Collections Thesaurus en125620226en
*132TSAIndigenous and Northern Affairs Canada Subject Thesaurus en223797735en fr
*133EURISLAM Thesaurus en168831984en fr
*134Geographic Thesaurus for Ethnology en2001223857543fr
*135Iwi-Hapū Names List en267016301mi
*136Treasures of Jewish Education Thesaurus en137185393en he
*137Cultural Research Thesaurus en140174005en fi
*138National Museum of the American Indian Reference Lists (Thesauri) en139314661en
*139American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Thesaurus en126659862en
*140Modern Language Association Thesaurus en142586770en
*141Thesaurus for Fiction en200161708118fr
*142Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Studies Thesauri enen
*143Maori Subject Headings en267016301CC BY-NC-ND 3.0en mi
*144Regional Asset Thesaurus enes
*146Gregorius Thesaurus en168831984fr
*147Brucellosis Ontology enen
*148NIFSTD Ontology enen
*149Pocket Catholic Thesaurus enen
*150Index of Higher Education Journals and Educational Research Controlled Vocabulary en2012262057034es
*151Thesaurus Bibliography Computerized Bibliography of Lausanne en1986122103104en fr de
*152Water Quality Planning Bureau Library Thesaurus en20101221 (2017-04)
*153Thesaurus Ethics in the life sciences en145942806en fr de
*154BioTop en131142344en
*155Controlled Vocabulary of Philosophy en122582776es
BioPAX en262410463, 130333233en
*157Association of Self-Study Research Group Thesaurus enfr
*158BROBiomedical Resource Ontology en141081579en
*159ATEDAustralian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors en158902398en
*160Educational Terminology Bank enes
*161Bioinformatics Web Services Ontology en123893232en
*163EDAMEMBRACE Data and Methods enen
*164British Education Thesaurus enen
*165Computer Network Thesaurus en124430002en es
*166SNSSemantic Network Service en261213806CC BY-NC-ND 3.0en de
*167Canadian Literacy Thesaurus en146520489en fr
GPCGlobal Product Classification en130913421en fr de
*169Brussels Center for Educational Documentation Thesaurus en151557984fr
*170Surface Water Classifications en144554768en
*171Center Ressources Illettrisme Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Thesaurus en139660132CC BY-NC-SA 3.0fr
OCISOptics Classification and Indexing Scheme en1997149938319en
*173European Dictionary of Skills and Competences Thesaurus en213728962cs en fr de hu it lt sk es sv
*174Product Types Ontology enen
SSHWSSaffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale enen
*176Education terms enen
*177Environmental Classification en267433202de
*178Education Thesaurus en137158851en fr
*179Environmental thesaurus en261213806en de
*180Education Resources Information Center Thesaurus en2011167699517en
*181AEOOntology of Anatomical Entities en17304835en
*182TEFEuropean Training Thesaurus en158945325en fr
*183University Information en124430002es
*184 National Institute of Youth and Popular Education Thesaurus en157951846fr
*185Learning Activities enen
*186Microthesaurus in Didactics of the Social Sciences en267 (2017-04)
*187Mexican Macrothesaurus for Educational Content en130728912es
*188National Information Center for Educational Media Thesaurus en128993438en
*189Promosanthes en138961027fr
*190School Networks and Educational Portals of Latin America en1999es
*191SCIS Subject Headings en263212730
*192Schools Online Thesaurus enar zh en fr de el hi id it ja ko mi es tr vi
*193Terminology of European Education and Training Policy en2014158945325en fr de it pt es
*194TESTesauro de Educación Superior en148945730es
*195TESEThesaurus of European Education Systems en156994070cs nl en et fi fr de el it lt pl pt mo es tr
*196Home and Insertion Thesaurus en276228379fr
Comprehensive University Library System en233744054de
*198Thesaurus Brased en2000140590059pt
*199Health Education Thesaurus en148022467fr
*200Thesaurus MOTBIS en151991785fr
*201Thesaurus of Environmental Education Terms enen
*202USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus en2007158144741, 129870724en
*203VOCED Thesaurus en2006140417636en
*204Database for scientific papers in nursing Thesaurus en139337476de
*205School of the Freudian Cause Thesaurus enfr
*206Fachgebärdenlexikon Psychologie Alphabetischer Index de147460761, 133411557en de
*207ISOC Psychology Thesaurus en147551119es
*208Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms en153428680en
*209Thésaurus SantéPsy enfr
*211CABTCAB Thesaurus en1983493145858125223022174CC BY-NC-ND 3.02,651,201 terms, which includes 166,395 distinct concepts (preferred terms), 132,109 non-preferred terms (2017-08)
da nl en fi fr de it no pt es sv
*212Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Indexing Terms en146521877en fr
*213California Environmental Resources Evaluation System Thesaurus enen
*214Occupational Safety and Health Thesaurus en158785121en fr es
*215German Center of Gerontology tag list en130843632de
BFOBasic Formal Ontology en268593726en pt
*217ATMOAfrican Traditional Medicine Ontology enen
*218Newborn Screening Coding and Terminology Guide en139054940en
*219AEROAdverse Event Reporting Ontology enen
*220Book Industry Communication Standard Subject Categories enen
*221ECMEmployer Classification Manual en151009922en fr
CPCCentral Product Classification en144904638ar zh en fr ru es
*223PsycINFO Classification Categories and Codes en153428680en
International Classification of adult underweight, overweight and obesity according to BMI en13561896911 classes
*225Learning Activities en144904638en
*226COPNIClassification of the Purposes of Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households en144904638en fr es
COFOGClassification of the Functions of Government en144904638, 149776292en fr es
BECClassification by Broad Economic Categories en144904638en fr es
*229Thesaurus of Documentation Sciences enen es
*230German Central Institute for Social Issues Thesaurus en168593421de
*231European Education Thesaurus en20031531076503425 (2017-04)
eu ca en fr gl de it pt es
*232UNESCO-IBE Education Thesaurus en1995149549033, 139500314en fr
*233Multilingual European Thesaurus on Health Promotion en213728962nl en fr it pt es
*234Learning Resource Exchange Thesaurus en126568922CC BY-NC 3.0ca cs da nl en fi fr de it sl es sv
*235Family Thesaurus en132599631en
SITCStandard International Trade Classification en144904638ar zh en fr ru es
*237Functions of New Zealand Thesaurus enen
*238Gender Inn Suchindex de145774732en de
ISICInternational Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities en144904638ar zh en fr ru es
*240Geography and Urbanism Thesaurus enes
DDCDewey Decimal Classification en1876156508705ar nb zh fr de el he is it ko ru es sv vi
*242Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research Thesaurus en140182702CC BY-NC 3.0en
*243International Labour Organization Thesaurus en133287293+4000 terms (2017-08)
en fr de
*244International Labour Organization Taxonomy en133287293en fr es
*245National Institute for Demographic Studies Thesaurus enfr
*246Institute of Political Studies of Lyon Keywords en150942963fr
*248European Thesaurus International Relations and National Customers en141749424hr cs en fr de it pl ru es
*249International Social Security Association Social Security Thesaurus en145033870en fr de es
*250ITRTInternational Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology en1986140620282en fr es
*251KEMLUVocabulary of Social Studies of Science enes
CFRCode of Federal Regulations en1996133683268en
*253Product Classification en151271988en
GMFCSGross Motor Function Classification System enar zh cs da nl en fr he is it ko no pl pt mo ru sr es sv th tr
*255General Schedule Qualification Standards en125481807en
*256Job Grading Standards for Trades, Craft, and Labor Positions en125481807en
*257Korea Social Science Data Archive Thesaurus enen ko
*258WOMEN'S PROPERTY List of topics en143581110en sv
*259Documentary Language in Public Policies of the Capital District en146256275es
*260Microthesaurus in Prevention and Emergency Care of Bogota en20091112 (2017-04)
*261Montague Institute Review Index and Thesaurus enen
*262Thesaurus of the library of the Mannheim Center for European Social Research en126366953en
*263Peace and Security Studies Thesaurus en127464580en
*264Hydrocarbon Thesaurus en549 (2017-04)
*265Library Dr. Jorge Villalobos Padilla, S.J. Thesaurus en146310392es
*266Population Multilingual Thesaurus en168557359en fr es
*267POPLINE Keyword Guide en221202779en fr es
*268Population/Fertility Control Thesaurus en1976268374915en
*269Position Classification Standards for White Collar Work en125481807en
*270PRISME Thesaurus en152462527fr
*271American Medical College Application Service Course Classification Guide enen
*272PHLPublic Health Language en138623062en
*273SafetyLit Thesaurus enen
ICSDInternational Classification of Sleep Disorders en1323484186 major categories (2017-01).
*275Semiotischer Thesaurus der Bibliothekswissenschaft de261867059de
*276Stockholm International Peace Research Institute Library Thesaurus en152575951en
*277SocINDEX Thesaurus en144810222"20,000+ terms."
*278TAGThesaurus of the Governmental Activity of Québec en1998en fr
*279ICCCInternational Classification of Childhood Cancer en158945649en
*280Taxonomía PIUPC - UNAL enes
*281Gender Thesaurus: Language with Equity en2006245437641en es
*282Thesaurus of Sociology en147551119en fr es
*283ISOC Thesaurus of Place Names en200414755111914873 (2017-04)
*284Tourism Thesaurus en20101330870432332 (2017-04)
en fr es
*285Thesaurus for Architecture, Urban Planning and the Environment en145070375fr
*286Thésaurus de Coordination SUD en169640856fr
*287Thesaurus of the Library of the International Development Research Center en1976128539272en fr es
*288Public Information Thesaurus en158780126fr
*289Thesaurus Women en136779296fr
*290Thesaurus of Aging Terminology en129969231en
*291Thesaurus of Political Science Indexing Terms enen
*292Thesaurus of Sociological Indexing Terms enen
*293Public Health Thesaurus enfr
Thesaurus for the Social Sciences en264043054CC BY-NC-ND 3.012366 (2017-04)
en fr de ru
*295Thésaurus Travail Emploi Santé Solidarité en2011130421786, 137451950fr
Thésaurus Urbamet en244909483en fr es
CIPClassification of Instructional Programs en1980132747715en
*298ICSSGInternational Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground enen fr de it fa ru es
*299LGCSLocal Government Classification Scheme en124587900
*301Thesaurus Care and Welfare en199235.000 termen (2016-08)
*302TRTTransportation Research Thesaurus en159644055en
*303TWSEThesaurus für wirtschaftliche und soziale Entwicklung de16759402612538 Terms, 13230 Relations between terms, 1187 Non-preferred terms.
en fr de es
*304Women's thesaurus en167796061nl en
AGROVOC cs1980148396178CC BY-SA 3.0ar zh cs en fr de hi hu it ja ko lo ms fa pl pt ru sk es te th tr uk
*306AOHSTAustralian Occupational Health and Safety Thesaurus en125554734en
*307Business Thesaurus en159527048en
*308Concept Space en154116920en
*309Canada Revenue Agency Controlled Subject Vocabulary en123110924en fr
*310Lyon Regional Administrative Institute Thesaurus enfr
*311Macrothesaurus for Information Processing in the Field of Economic and Social Development en1998149776292en fr es
*312Patent and Registration Office Thesaurus en223306994en sv
STWStandard Thesaurus Wirtschaft en1995145887731ODbLÜber 6.000 Schlagwörter, mehr als 20.000 Synonymverweise (2016-08).
en de
*314ISOC Thesaurus for Economics en147551119en fr es
*315Transport Thesaurus en1995143838102en fr de
NALTUnited States Department of Agriculture Thesaurus en2002157987477English Total Terms - 128,253 Lead-in Terms - 60,959 Preferred Terms - 67,294 Subject Categories - 17 Scope Notes - 759 Definitions - 5,223 (2017-02).
en es
*317World Bank Thesaurus en128873356en
*318Al-Muqtafi Legal Thesaurus en123593078ar en
*319European Commission for Democracy Through Law Systematic Thesaurus en130876216en fr pt es
*320U.S. Government Accountability Office Thesaurus en1998144983863en
*321Genre/Form Terms for Law Materials en133533641en de
*322Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems Micro-Thesauri en268572700ar zh en fr de id ko pt ru es
*323Capability Taxonomy enen
*324Software Taxonomy enen
*325AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy of Human Services en2004133719616en fr
*327Subject Classification Scheme enen
*328COPPClassification of the Outlays of Producers According to Purpose en144904638en fr es
*329LOCInternational Classification for Industrial Designs en1968137918658CC BY 3.0en fr de
NCLInternational Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks en137918658CC BY 3.0en fr
*331VCLInternational Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks en137918658CC BY 3.0en fr
CPVCommon Procurement Vocabulary en1995213728962bg cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu it lv lt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*333HETUSActivity Coding List for Harmonised European Time Use Surveys en123790565en
*334Classification of Forest Products en1982148396178ar en fr es
SfB classification en144893230, 149402680, 143721423, 152141373, 135773066de
*336FishBase Classification enCC BY-NC 3.0en la
*337Classification of Living and Fossil Genera of Decapod Crustaceans en2009167616530, 29202999, 11309857, 6713618, 35171090, 6503422, 66561406, 5209442, 43535963, 213349514, 76397060, 18871819, 21681693, 199087533, 212525694, 51304694en la
*338Classification of the Recent Crustacea en200176397060, 122126423en la
GHSGlobally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals en144904638en
*340Classification of Pesticides by Hazard en135618969en
*341CEMASClassification of Eye Movement Abnormalities and Strabismus en264426269en
*342Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*343Intellectual Property Subject Thesaurus enen
*344International Children's Rights Thesaurus en154182010en fr es
*345JURIVOC en137179528fr de it
*346LIVLegislative Indexing Vocabulary en151962300en
*347NCJTNational Criminal Justice Thesaurus en155924556en
*348Seattle City Clerk Thesaurus enen
*349Thesaurus of Historical Legislation of Spain enes
*350Industrial Property Thesaurus en147551119es
*351Electoral Justice Thesaurus en2010159014248pt
*352TSDASAIJ Thesaurus of Argentine Law en201414216896521134 (2017-04)
*353Australian and New Zealand Standard Commodity Classification en2003169026530CC0 1.0en
*354SESCAStandard Economic Sector Classifications of Australia en2008169026530CC BY 3.0en
*355SACCStandard Australian Classification of Countries en169026530CC BY 3.0en
*356ASCRGAustralian Standard Classification of Religious Groups en1996169026530CC BY 3.0en
*357ASCLAustralian Standard Classification of Languages en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*358ASCEDAustralian Standard Classification of Education en2003CC BY 3.0en
*360ASCDCAustralian Standard Classification of Drugs of Concern en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*361Australian Standard Classification of Cultural and Ethnic Groups en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*362ACLCAustralian Culture and Leisure Classifications en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*363Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*365ASGSAustralian Statistical Geography Standard en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*366Thesaurus in Labor Law en158299045pt
*367Thesaurus of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights en124775207en es
*368TRIBLEX Case-Law Database Thesaurus Keywords en1996133287293en fr
*369UTUThesaurus of Belgian law en252145714, 11163100nl fr
*370Legal Vocabulary en158553800pt
*371WITNESS Media Archive Topic Terms enen
*372YSAFinnish General Thesaurus en126520961fi
*373Finnish Music Thesaurus en141305098CC0 1.0917 Preferred terms (2017-02).
fi sv
*374Anthropological Index Online Keywords en134857252en
*375EKSLibrary of Parliament Thesaurus en229247585en fi sv
*376Design and communication Thesaurus enfi
*377Theological Thesaurus en136043487fi
*378TDSThesaurus of Swiss Law en267681620en fr de it
*379Thesaurus of Biology enes
Wilson and Reeder's Mammal Species of the World en134356831en la
*381IVOATInternational Virtual Observatory Alliance Thesaurus en2890 concepts (2017-04)
*382InterWATER Thesaurus en1987262584486en fr es
*383Multilingual Thesaurus of Geosciences en20041286635815000 (2016-05)
en fr de it ru es sv
Health Sciences Descriptors en148941181en pt es
*385Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange Thesaurus en152776687en fr es
*386Bioethics Thesaurus Database enen
*387Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts Thesaurus en148396178en
*388Alzheimer's Disease Thesaurus en267505533en
*389NASA Thesaurus en143357492en
*390Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus en133925236en
Medical Subject Headings en139054940en fi sv
*392Herb Thesaurus en2004en
*393The Astronomy Thesaurus en22022239, 73733919en fr de it es
*394The Alcohol and Other Drugs Thesaurus en127824950en
*395INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus en150782479ar zh en fr de ru es
*396Animal Use Alternatives Thesaurus Terminology en157987477en
*397ASGCAustralian Standard Geographical Classification en2003CC BY 3.0en
*398Mineral Lists enen
*399UniProt Taxonomy enen la
Tree of Life Web Project enen la
*401Transcription Factor Classification en209752427en
*402Classification of HTTP-based APIs enCC BY-NC 3.0en
*403Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations Classification en141816005en fr
*404Pentatomoidea Classification en143053497en la
ICBIndustry Classification Benchmark en133944846zh da en et fi fr de is it ja lv lt es sv
*406European Socio-economic Classification en130181691en
ICNPInternational Classification for Nursing Practice en125282653en fr es
ICHDInternational Classification of Headache Disorders en130837197en de it
*409Thesaurus of Parasitology en2010en
*410SEMIDE Thesaurus enar en fr
*412Health Canada Controlled Subject Vocabulary en146524681en fr
*413Radiation Chemistry Data Center Thesaurus en167939441en
*414U.S. Geological Survey Thesaurus en127757303en
*415Emtree en311328759en
*417E.V. Komarek Fire Ecology Thesaurus en168768612en
*418Thesaurus of Disability en305869640eu ca en fr gl pt es
*419Medicinal Plant Thesaurus en20078597 (2017-04)
la es
*420Multilingual synoptic thesaurus of affections of the soft tissues of the oral cavity en20101967 (2017-04)
en fr it pt es
*421Defense Technical Information Center Thesaurus en1966134520188en
*423NosoBase Thesaurus enfr
*424Derwent Biotechnology Abstracts Thesaurus enen
*425Derwent Drug File Thesaurus enen
*426Australian Emergency Management Terms Thesaurus enen
*427AFO - Natural resource and environment ontology en126520961CC BY 3.0en fi
*428Central European Flood Risk Assessment and Management in Centrope Thesaurus encs en de hu sk
*429Convention on Biological Diversity Controlled Vocabulary en136002223en
GNDGemeinsame Normdatei de2012148328332CC0 1.0de
*431European multilingual thesaurus on AIDS and HIV infection en136614238, 128406613, 265021792, 262950196, 305869159nl en fr de it pt es
*432Thésaurus des traitements VIH/sida en2003151225403en fr
*433MusicMoz Music Styles en2001549 (2017-04)
*434Instruments Tree en506 terms (2017-04)
*435Geological Federal Institution Thesaurus en141852772en de
*436Department of the Environment and Heritage Thesaurus en126033576CC BY 3.0en
*437Thesaurus of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara en20104687 (2017-04)
*438Merenkulun asiasanasto en167518657en fi sv
*439Thesaurus of Mathematical Sciences en126508776en es
*440Terminosaurus Rex en2000132688093de
*441Civil Engineering Database Subject Headings en123743151en
*442The International Welding Thesaurus en152297641en fr de
BNCF Thesaurus en2007143744216CC BY 3.058220 terms (2017-05)
INFODATA-Thesaurus de159081781de
International Classification of Diseases for Oncology en1976135618969zh cs nl en fi fr de ja ko pt mo es tr
ICIDHInternational Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health en135618969zh en fr de ru es
ICDInternational Classification of Diseases en135618969sq ar hy az eu bg ca zh hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu is it ja ko lv lt mk mn no fa pl pt ru sr sk sl es sv th tr tk uk uz
*448Global InVitro Diagnostic Classification enen
ATCAnatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System en143984514en de
OPSOperationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel de264228323de
*451Datierungssystematik de149766218de
*452Grobsystematik de151958091de
*453Australian Transport Index Thesaurus en2013en
LCSHLibrary of Congress Subject Headings en151962300en
*455Hoidokki online dictionary en138436567en fi sv
*456EQIEigenschaften-Quellen-Index deen fr de
*457International Rice Research Institute Rice Thesaurus en155730678en
*458THUBThesaurus of the University of Barcelona en305864642CC0 1.027,545 concepts (2018-11)
ca en fr es
Iconclass en1973156001284ODbL39566 Preferred terms (2017-02).
en fi fr de it
*460OCMOutline of Cultural Materials en108471497en
*461Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose en144904638bg cs en fi fr hu lv no fa ru es
The Bliss Bibliographic Classification en1940264068675en
*463Acupuncture Thesaurus en1983133861586, 14146234420000 (2017-04)
*464Open Family Services Directory en2013en
JACSJoint Academic Coding System en138689128, 154515024en
*466Drug Interactions Thesaurus en299899041fr
*467Center Ressources Illettrisme Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Ranking Plan en139660132fr
SHICSocial History and Industrial Classification en2000en
U.S. Geological Survey Library Classification System en48413306en
*470Thesaurus of Occupational Therapy Subject Headings en1999127203224en
*471BSOBroad System of Ordering en155428631en
*472ILCIntegrative Levels Classification en150838484CC BY-SA 3.0en
PACSPhysics and Astronomy Classification Scheme en1975150484606en
MSCMathematics Subject Classification en2006134278902, 293226396en
CSSAssociation for Computing Machinery Computing Classification System en133611413en
SCIANNorth American Industry Classification System en262892626en es
*477EEO-1 Job Classification Guide en131335921en
*478National Land Cover Data Classification Schemes en241267692en
*479A Classification of the Bird Species of South America en2002en la
*480Classification of Social Sciences en131715635en de
*481International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Red List of Threatened Species Classification Schemes en312763236en
NVCU.S. National Vegetation Classification en144531237en
Transporter Classification System enCC BY-SA 3.0en
*484WZKlassifikation der Wirtschaftszweige de136719956de
JELJournal of Economic Literature Classification System en1969148600662en
LCCLibrary of Congress Classification en151962300en
*487Möbel de123827632, 122152930CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
*488Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Classification en1289283506 classes (2017-05)
en fr
*489Nomenclature for inventorying cultural history collections in museums en122308799CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
ECLAEuropean Classification System en134749902en fr de
*491Gefässe und Formen de122152930CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
*492Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*493Systematik für die Techniken zur Herstellung von Spitzen und Stickereien de129698500CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
*494Systematik für Spitzen und Stickereien de129698500CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
TUMTUM classification en1982145299462en de
UDCUniversal Decimal Classification en1895265934360CC BY-SA 3.0af ar hy eu be bn bg ca zh hr cs da nl en eo et fi fr gl ka de el hi hu id ga it ja kn kk lv lt mk ms ml mr no pl pt pa mo ru sr si sk sl es sv ta tr uk ur vi
*497Thesaurus zu Ackerbaugerät, Feldbestellung - Landwirtschaftliche Transport- und Nutzfahrzeuge - Werkzeuge (Holzbearbeitung) de3351263CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
*498SnowTerm Thesaurus enen
*499Earth Observation Thesaurus enen it
*500Environmental Applications Reference Thesaurus enen it
KTLKlassifikation therapeutischer Leistungen in der medizinischen Rehabilitation de2012138746343de
*502PCFProcess Classification Framework en2012152576868en
*503NSCCNational Statistics Country Classification en130761166en
CITEInternational Standard Classification of Education en159540686ar zh en fr ru
*505OBGOberbegriffsdatei de122152930CC BY-NC-SA 3.0de
*506Meteorite Classification List enen
*507Virus Taxonomy en135522809en la
*508Derwent World Patents Index Classification System en131744324en
*509National Center for Biotechnology Information Taxonomy en149881801en
*510Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System en19966135769en es
*511NewsCodes en262347277en fr de it ja pt
IPCInternational Patent Classification en1971312772555CC BY 3.0zh cs nl en et fr de ja ko pl pt sk es
USPCUnited States Patent Classification en144234269en
CPCCooperative Patent Classification en144234269en
*515Emergency Classification en144731202en
*516Biocomplexity Thesaurus en127757303en
*517ANSCRAlpha-Numeric System for Classification of Recordings en159768306en
*518Systematics of the special library of the German Reference Center for Ethics in the Biosciences en145942806de
Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification: Type of Activity en2003169026530CC BY 3.0en
*520Systematics of the subjects and colleges of the German Research Association en122652571de
Soil Taxonomy en134395541, 150217304en es
*522Digital Spectral Classification Atlas en199741993745en
*523Atlas of Stellar Spectra en230900984, 104697070, 278369659en
United Nations Standard Products and Services Code en131378718, 140455453zh da nl en fr de hu it ja ko no pt es sv
HTSHarmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States en126322615en
NTEENational Taxonomy of Exempt Entities en151579344en
*527GCSPhilanthropy Classification System en2012159358680CC BY-NC 3.0en
National Library of Medicine Classification en2002139054940en
*529CLICAPS Aufstellungssystematik de1990en de
*530Oregon University System Human Resources Classification Specifications en130503148en
*531Vocabulary of Basic Terms for Cataloguing Costume en154101369en fr de
*532Association of German Prädikatsweingüter e. V. Classification model en242756436de
RVKRegensburger Association Classification en135800907CC0 1.0en de it
SOCStandard Occupational Classification en138425281 (2017-05)
en es
SCOPStructural Classification of Proteins en1994277758172en
*536A Synoptical Classification of the Lamiales enen la
*537ICNPOThe International Classification of Non-profit Organizations en132440675en fr
The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education en1973123903337CC BY-NC-SA 3.0en
*539Community Engagement Elective Classification en1970123903337CC BY-NC-SA 3.0en
CNPNational Occupational Classification en307170063en fr
*541Terminology Dictionary of Bibliography and Cataloging en132112363en pl
*542SNSSchlagwortnormdatei Schweiz für Allgemeine Öffentliche Bibliotheken de289345591de
*543Advancing Clinico-Genomic Trials on Cancer Master Ontology en268593726en
*544CPOCell Phenotype Ontology enen
*545NTDONeglected Tropical Disease Ontology en131978709en
*546MATMinimal Anatomy Terminology enen
A Classification of Mobile Genetic Elements enen
*548Mobile Genetic Element Ontology enen
*549EMAPOntology of Mouse Developmental Anatomy enen
*550NPONanoParticle Ontology for Cancer Nanotechnology Research enen
*551NBONeurobehavior Ontology enen
*552MFMental Functioning Ontology en144187925, 143949988en
*553DDIOntology for Drug Discovery Investigations enen
*554OGMSOntology for General Medical Science enen
*555Ontology of Data Mining en151872180, 140052663en
*556OGIOntology for Genetic Interval enen
ICPCInternational Classification of Primary Care enaz eu ca zh hr cs da nl en fi fr de el he hu is id it ja mt no pl pt mo ru sr sl es sv tr vi
Chemical Entities of Biological Interest en143684991, 141024277en
*559Dengue Ontology enen
*560EROeagle-i Research Resource Ontology enen
*561Emotion Ontology en2011144187925
*562Environment Ontology enen
*563COCrop Ontology enen
*564CNO Computational Neurosciences Ontology en239708096en
*565CDAOComparative Data Analysis Ontology enen
EFOExperimental Factor Ontology en143684991, 141024277en
FMAFoundational Model of Anatomy en154911632en
GOGene Ontology enen
*573Genomic Clinical Decision Support Ontology en246526987, 149517288, 60267797en
*575Glycomics Ontology enen
DODisease Ontology en143130391en
*577FYPOFission Yeast Phenotype Ontology enen
*578CPRComputer-Based Patient Record Ontology enen
*579Cognitive Paradigm Ontology enen
*580XEOXEML Environment Ontology en151092234en
*581XAOXenopus Anatomical Ontology enen
*582IDOInfectious Disease Ontology enen
*583IAOInformation Artifact Ontology enen
ICECIInternational Classification of External Causes of Injury en135618969en pt es
Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology enen
*654National Cancer Institute Thesaurus en158945649en
National Cancer Institute Metathesaurus en158945649en
*656MAOMultiple Alignment Ontology en198142399, 157774973, 156817577, 135159390en
*657COSMO Ontology enen
*658Archaeological Objects Thesaurus (Scotland) en2007157619246
*659Maritime Craft Thesaurus (Scotland) en2007157619246
*660Monument Type Thesaurus (Scotland) en2006157619246 gd
*661Monument Type Thesaurus (Wales) en2010133791353
*662Period (Wales) en2010133791353
JITA Classification System of Library and Information Science enen
*665Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Farmstead Types en308771733en
*666Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Heritage Crime en308771733en
*667Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Historic Landscape Characterisation en308771733en
*668Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Manner of Loss en308771733en
*669Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Maritime Fixtures and Fittings en308771733en
Enzyme Nomenclature en1992137348522en
SABClassification system for Swedish libraries en2010133006010sv
PANTHER Classification System enen
*674AGRIS/CARIS Categorization Scheme en213741608ar zh en fr es
*675Helvetosaurus dede
*676Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Nationality en308771733en
*677Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Object Material en308771733en
*678Wolters Kluwer Germany labor law Thesaurus en156221582de
*679Wolters Kluwer Deutschland Gerichtsthesaurus en156221582de
*680BCSWorld Bank Business Taxonomy en1807 (2017-04)
*681World Bank Group Topical Taxonomy en128873356en
*682Solar System SKOS Ontology Model enzh en ru es
ESCOMultilingual Classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations en213728962bg cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*684Facet Analytical Theory in Managing Knowledge Structure for Humanities en2002155428631Broad knowledge classification (300 concepts); generally applicable concepts (3000 concepts); religion (2200 concepts); the arts (300 terms). (2016-05)
*685Letteratura Professionale Italiana Schema di Classificazione en2010139353553CC BY-SA 3.0it
*686Thesaurus Cooperativo de Derecho Argentino enes
*687Thesaurus of the National Social Security Administration enes
*688Subject index enes
*689Public Administration Thesaurus en263819186es
*690IPSCIntellectual Property Services Classification en140300340CC BY 3.06 main classes, 38 subclasses (2017-04)
*691GeotermThes enen
*692GeoRiskVoc en132004367it
SBOSystems Biology Ontology enen
*694Classification of Fields of Training en158945325, 123790565en fr de
*695CSO Standard Fields of Education Classification en1999131943190CC BY 3.0en
WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System en135618969, 149533873en de hi sr
Sportmediathek Magglingen Systematik en135778868CC BY-NC-SA 3.0fr de
GND Ontology en148328332en de
Sports media librarry Magglingen Keyword index en135778868CC BY-NC-SA 3.0fr de
*700Systematik Basler Bibliographie de151920694de
*701OWCOutline of World Cultures en108471497en
*702Law Library of Bern ende
*703PRODCOM List en123790565bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu it lv lt mt no pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*704Taxonomy of Digital Research Activities in the Humanities en120505582, 49543789en
*705VSOVital Sign Ontology enen
TEDDYTErminology for the Description of DYnamics enen
FASTFaceted Application of Subject Terminology en156508705ODC-Byen
*708WSIOWeb Service Interaction Ontology enen
OBIOntology for Biomedical Investigations enen
*710Sport Ontology en134199040en
*711Music Ontology en265820272, 102572262en
Friend of a Friend vocabulary en128264631en
*713Event Ontology enCC BY 3.0en
*714Timeline Ontology enen
*715Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts Classification Codes enen
*716Thésaurus TOXIBASE en158319902en fr
*717Aerospace & High Technology Database Classification en2006en
*718Lipid Classification System en20038 categories (2016-11).
*719Formacode enfr
World Register of Marine Species en2008CC BY 3.0nl en fr de la sv
*721Citation Typing Ontology enCC BY 3.0en
*722Thesaurus Heracles en135581974fr
*723French Thesaurus Sustainable Development en133953941fr
Indiana Philosophy Ontology en142461254CC BY-NC-SA 3.0en
DCMI Metadata Terms en262407447CC BY 3.0ar ca zh cs da en fi fr de el it ko lv mi mr no fa pl pt ru sv th tr uk cy
PRISMPublishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata en2003165740890en
SISOSchema voor de Indeling van de Systematische Catalogus in Openbare Bibliotheken en138858559nl
*728Thesaurus Music Colombia en2008es
*729UniProtKB Keywords en2002CC BY-ND 3.0en
*730Bremer Online Systematik de147181689de
*731Thesaurus of Municipal Archives en264337396es
ASBAllgemeine Systematik für Öffentliche Bibliotheken de153349941, 149691504, 135773066de
LEMACLlista d'encapçalaments de matèria en català ca140206267ca
*734Tesaurus de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes ca263987971ca
*735Thesaurus of Archives en1248705262.428 Descriptores (2017-02)
*736Toponymic thesaurus of the Province Alicante en124870526es
*737Vocabulary Controlled FLACSO Argentina enes
*738Latin American Vocabulary of Social Sciences enes
*739Vocabulary of Health Sciences for Argentina en141907521, 154266212, 262733127es
*740CONICET Classification by areas and technologies en141907521CC BY-SA 3.0es
ICSInternational Classification for Standards en149705257en fr ru
Austrian classification for public libraries en137684607de
ESSBEinheitssystematik für Südtiroler Bibliotheken de139324244de
*744Fons Documental i Bibliogràfic Tesaurus temàtic ca148625786ca
NBCDutch Basic Classification en2004157027892nl
*746New Zealand Standard Classification of Non–Profit Organisations en2006148067905en
*747ACTUSActivity Classification for the Time Use Survey en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*748NZACNew Zealand Accommodation Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*749AGEAge – New Zealand Standard Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*750Air Routes Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*751Standard Classification of Area Unit en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*752Tesaurus de la Cultura Rural Catalana caca
*753TCIThesaurus in Information Science enpt
*754Thesaurus of Hydraulic Engineering en136649541es
*755Deutsche Bundesbank Klassifikation Bibliothek Zentrale de156744453de
*756Deutsche Bundesbank Klassifikation Numismatische Fachbibliothek de1567444539 Classes (2017-05)
*757Deutsche Bundesbank Schlagwortübersicht de156744453de
*758Broad Economic Categories – New Zealand Standard Classification en1988148067905en
*759Business Type – New Zealand Standard Classification de148067905CC BY 3.0de
*782Ancient and Rare Book Thesaurus en1998411 (2017-04)
*783NewsIndexer enen
*784Forest File Thesaurus en147145417es
*785Child Dependency Status Standard Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*786Cigarette Smoking Behaviour Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*787Country – New Zealand Standard Classification en1999148067905CC BY 3.09 major groups (2017-04)
*788Currency – Standard Classification en148067905CC BY 3.062 categories (2017-04)
*789Residence Address Classification en2011148067905CC BY 3.0en
*790Dwelling Occupancy Status – Standard Classification en1999148067905CC BY 3.0en
*791Energy Types Used in Private Dwellings – Standard Classification en2009148067905CC BY 3.0en
*792Ethnicity New Zealand Standard Classification en2005148067905CC BY 3.0en
*793Family Type en2009148067905CC BY 3.0en
*794Fertility – Standard Classification en2004148067905CC BY 3.0en
*795SCFALStatistical Classification of Financial Assets and Liabilities en2013148067905CC BY 3.0en
*796New Zealand Framework for Cultural Statistics en148067905CC BY 3.0en mi
*797Classification of General Electoral District en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*798Hours Worked in Employment Per Week – Standard Classification en148067905en
*799Household Composition Standard Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*800Income Bands - Standard Classification en2009148067905CC BY 3.0en
*801Thesaurus of Biodiversity en20121472020423704 (2017-04)
en pt es
*802Social work en2009238 (2017-04)
*803SCISStatistical Classification for Institutional Sectors en2013148067905CC BY 3.0en
*804IWIIwi – New Zealand Standard Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en mi
*805Classification of documents Catalonia College of Music en144051330/ca
*806Labor Force Status - Standard Classification en148067905en
*807Language – Standard Classification en148067905en
*808Legally Registered Relationship Status – Standard Classification en148067905en
*809New Zealand Standard Trade Classification – Level of Processing en2008148067905en
*810Living Arrangements – New Zealand Standard Classification en148067905en
*811Main Means of Travel to Work – Standard Classification en1998148067905CC BY 3.0en
*812Māori Descent – Standard Classification en1998148067905CC BY 3.0en
*813Māori Electoral District en148067905CC BY 3.0en mi
*814Number of children - Standard classification en2009148067905en
*815Rating of sound recordings en133351618ca fr
*816Terminologia de serveis socials i treball social: llista alfabètica de matèries ca31347263ca
*817Center for Humanities Documentation List of keywords en133627044en fr
*818Semanticscience Integrated Ontology enen
*819TCRTesaurus català de religió ca100258599ca
UATUnified Astronomy Thesaurus en2013147584587CC BY-SA 3.0en
*821GeoRef Thesaurus en1977188313586en
*822Schema for the description of research data repositories en2012134731533CC BY 3.0en
*823Thesaurus on the world of comics en2005es
*824Bibliography of Contemporary History of Portugal Thesaurus en51004886pt
*825Joconde Thesaurus of subjects represented en168443816fr
*826The National Archives Thesaurus en157574888en
*827EPRA Sound Library Thesaurus enfr
*828Inspec Thesaurus en137645277en
*829Inspec Classification en137645277en
*830Australian Cross-curriculum Priority en14360503038 concepts (2017-03)
*831Australian Curriculum Framework en143605030112 concepts (2017-03)
*832Australian General Capability en14360503040 concepts (2017-03)
*833Australian Professional Standards for Teachers en295184146192 concepts (2017-05)
*834Biobase Thesaurus en264608412fr
*835PHADefense Administration Thesaurus en154460274fi
*836National Resource Palliative Care Center Thesaurus enfr
Australian Soil Classification en142692412en
WRBWorld Reference Base for Soil Resources en148396178ar de it ja lt pl mo ru sk es tr vi
*839NZSCNew Zealand Soil Classification en268303470en
*840Kela terminology glossary en2010151903463fi sv
*841Social Welfare economic classifications glossary en2014168388915fi
*842Social Welfare Clients vocabulary document en2014168388915fi
*843Social Welfare data components glossary en2013168388915fi
*844Real estate vocabulary enen fi
*845Australian School Level en14360503019 concepts (2017-03)
*846Thesaurus of the Journal of Debates en169774186fr
*847Vocabulary of documentation en128429461en fr de es
LOMIEEE Standard for Learning Object Metadata en2002123926298zh nl en fr de he no es sv
*849Thesaurus for Exceptional Child Education en1971en
*850Thesaurus specializing in Philosophy, with a gender focus en2007124031228es
*851Thesaurus Myobase enfr
*852Thesaurus Foundation for Biodiversity Research en263388955fr
*853Bank and Finance Terminology en295904651en fi sv
*854Terminals for information technology en295904651en fi
*855Social media Glossary en2010295904651en fi sv
*856broadband Glossary en295904651en fi sv
BIBFRAME en151962300en
*858Thesaurus of Folklore and Brasilian Popular Culture en2004145201465pt
*859Thesaurus on human rights en122643771CC BY-NC-ND 3.0es
*860CVKCKeyword Catalog en6801997en
*861Key Words for Digital Newsphoto Archives en126946909en
CCColon Classification en49268668en
*863REHABDATA Thesaurus en158293482en
*864A Classification System for Libraries of Judaica en1997270264339, 71407149en
*865Weine Classification Scheme and Relative Index for Judaica Libraries en136694122en
*866Thesaurus for German-Jewish history en288703651de
*867Pendlebury Library of Music Classification System enen
*868Superintendent of Documents Classification System en133683268/en
*869San Diego Zoo Global Library Subject Terms (Thesaurus) en179162065en
*870Maternal and Child Health Thesaurus en139904189en
Harvard-Yenching Classification en146310316zh en
*872Nigerian Local Government Area Geodemographic Classification System and Profiler en2006en
*873Quadre de la classificació dels fons documentals dels pobles agregats ca261637764ca
*874Thesaurus of the coast en171203532ca en es
*875Road Network Classification enen
*876NDLCNational Diet Library Classification Table en150770138en ja
*877Internet Call Dictionary en295904651en fi sv
*879Thesaurus issues en147182484ca en es
*880European Commission Libraries Catalogue Thesaurus en147100348en fr
*881Thesaurus for SoyaScan Database of Soybeans and Soyfoods enen
*882Thesaurus objects en147182484ca en es
*883HIV/AIDS Thesaurus en158212378en
*884Dictionary of Materials en286706929es
*885Thesaurus and Dictionary of Denominations of Cultural Property en156525749es
*886Geographic Dictionary enes
*887Dictionary of Ceramics en56890147, 26449820, 58289572es
*888Numismatic Dictionary en56638877, 87273447, 199888754, 34744087es
*889Furniture Dictionary en19069402es
*890Management Thesaurus en263540684CC BY-NC-ND 3.0en fr es
*891The panlatine lexicon of economic marketing en2011127855262ca fr gl it pt mo es
*892Thesaurus of Senado Federal en151830669pt
CCLChinese Library Classification en126033716zh
*894Info-Muse Classification System for Ethnology, History and Historical Archaeology Museums en142942715en fr
*895Info-Muse Classification System for Fine Arts and Decorative Arts museums en142942715en fr
*896MBClassification of Meshblock en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*897Religious Affiliation – New Zealand Standard Classification en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*898TAStandard Classification of Territorial Authority en148067905CC BY 3.0en
*899Zoological Record Thesaurus en131744324en
*900Schlagwortregister der FIS Bildung Literaturdatenbank de155361951de
*901Quadre de classificació de la UPC ca306350898ca
*902Domain of fiction en34409 (2017-04)
fi sv
YKLFinnish Public Libraries Classification System enen fi sv
*904Agrotezaver: Flora in Favna en305591478en la sl
*905Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry en134291432en pl
*906Classification of the Biogeographical Provinces of the World en1975110129554en
*907Wildland Planning Glossary en133138690en
*908Classification Lenoch enen fr de
*909Lapponica en1125 Preferred terms (2017-02).
ALLFOGeneral Finnish Ontology en126520961CC BY 3.028934 Preferred terms (2017-02).
en fi sv
*911Glossari acadèmic i docent de la Universitat de Barcelona ca126230865ca
*912MUSOOntology for Music en126520961CC BY 3.0943 Preferred terms (2017-02).
fi sv
*913VALOThe Finnish Ontology of Photography en126520961CC BY 3.01929 Preferred terms (2017-02).
*914KULOKulttuurien tutkimuksen ontologia en126520961CC BY 3.01556 Preferred terms (2017-02).
en fi
*915Ontology for Museum Domain and Applied Arts en126520961CC BY 3.010205 Preferred terms (2017-02).
en fi sv
*916Relació de conceptes, termes i sigles de Psicologia i Ciències de l'Educació ca141608026ca
*917KOKO Ontology en126520961CC BY 3.0en fi sv
*918My Finnish friends en126520961CC0 1.0fi
*919JUHOJulkishallinnon ontologia en2010126520961CC BY 3.0fi
*920JUPOJulkisen hallinnon palveluontologia en126520961CC BY 3.02307 Preferred terms (2017-01).
fi sv
*921A discipline classification used in higher education research collection en12652096174 Preferred terms (2017-01).
*922LIITOLiiketoimintaontologia en126520961CC BY 3.03473 Preferred terms (2017-01).
en fi sv
*923MEROMerenkulkualan ontologia en126520961CC BY 3.01377 Preferred terms (2017-01).
fi sv
*924PUHOPuolustushallinnon ontologia en126520961CC BY 3.02363 Preferred terms (2017-01).
en fi sv
*925TSR ontology en126520961CC BY 3.05110 Preferred terms (2017-01).
en fi sv
*926AFOViikin kampuskirjaston ontologia en126520961en fi sv
*927Finnish Names of Plants en127685171CC BY 3.033995 Preferred terms (2017-01).
*928TEROFinnish Ontology of Health and Welfare en126520961CC BY 3.02476 Preferred terms (2017-01).
en fi sv
*929KAUNOOntology for Fiction en126520961CC BY 3.05874 Preferred terms (2017-02).
fi sv
*930KITOKirjallisuudentutkimuksen ontologia en126520961CC BY 3.0846 Preferred terms (2017-02).
en fi
*931KTOKielitieteen ontologia en126520961CC BY 3.0953 Preferred terms (2017-02).
en fi
*932Long Term Ecological Research Network Controlled Vocabulary en2011219886826en
*933Lista de descriptores Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales en125476337es
*934Colombian Contemporary Children's Literature enes
*935Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Controlled Vocabularies en2011149023423127
*936OSZKÓ Thesaurus / Köztaurusz en12720582hu
*937LEMAGLista de Encabezamientos de Materia en Galego engl
*939LEMList of Subject Headings for Public Libraries en156525749es
*940Roles Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*941Places Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*942Interinstitutional procedures Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*943Formation of the Court Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*944Legal proceedings results Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*945Treaties Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*946Legal proceedings Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*947Resource types Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*948Multilingual Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*949Languages Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*950File types Name Authority List en229069752en
*951Country Name Authority List en229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*952Currencies Name Authority List en2014229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*953Events Name Authority List en2014229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*954Corporate bodies Name Authority List en2015229069752bg hr cs da nl en et fi fr de el hu ga it lv lt mt pl pt mo sk sl es sv
*955AOTAuthorized Osteopathic Thesaurus en2004153633867en
*956National Agricultural Thesaurus en168084947pt
HSHarmonized Commodity Description and Coding System en142733994en fr de
*958Classification for Land Use Statistics en123790565en fr
*960CEPAClassification of Environmental Protection Activities and Expenditure en123790565en fr de it es
BISAC Subject Headings en143148501en
*962Sachgebiete der Hessischen Bibliographie de147183369de
*963Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives Topic Classification en159763274da en fi de el no es sv
*964Disciplines of the Information Archives en153868865en fi sv
NVCNational Vegetation Classification en122709446en
New Zealand Threat Classification System en152943959en
NAPCSNorth American Product Classification System en146131899en
American Society of Anesthesiologists Physical Status Classification System en154226932en
*969Contractors State License Board Licensing Classifications en132512143en
ISCOInternational Standard Classification of Occupations en133287293en fr it es
NICNursing Interventions Classification en138204848zh nl en fr de is it ja ko no pt es
NOCNursing Outcomes Classification en138204848zh nl en fr de ja ko no pt es
*973Human Genome Project Glossary en1990131327464en
*974AlgaeBase Taxonomy en130446679en la
*975GRIN Taxonomy for Plants en134395541en fr de pt es
*976On-Line Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology enen
*977Multilingual Property Thesaurus en148396178zh en fr es
*978METMultilingual Egyptian Thesaurus en266921875ar nl en fr de it pt es
*979FAO Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture en148396178ar zh en fr kk pl ru sr es vi
*980Glossary of terms on livestock manure management en126497187en
*981Thesaulangue en39431496, 138645924fr
*982Swiss Wildlife Information Service Keyword catalogs (Thesaurus) enen de
*983Thesaurus Institute of Studies on Development and International Cooperation en131975312es
*984Tesauro Biblioteca Hispánica AECID en155509428es
*985Thésaurus de l'Institut Agronomique Méditerranéen de Montpellier en134755119fr
*986Thesaurus of the High School of Social Work and Health Lausanne en2009156745099fr
*987Thesaurus of the Bernard Liou Library en1490561205702 (2017-04)
*988Thesaurus of Industrial Technology and Applied Sciences en129004047es
*989Librarianship and Documentation Thesaurus en147551119ca en fr es
*990Thesaurus of Animal Biology en1995157199298es
*991Vocabulary of the psychology of learning and conditioning en159353881CC BY-NC-ND 3.0ca en
*992Thesaurus Insee en144423810fr
*993Contemporary Women's Issues Subject Thesaurus en148248842en
*994Catalan classification of productes per activitats en169416476CC BY 3.0ca
*995Thesaurus of cultural heritage en151282117pl
*996Thesaurus Italian on Bioethics en2006143699479it
*997Italian thesaurus of Earth Sciences en2006268750511en it
*998Archive Linz of the Spanish Transition Thesaurus en134180098es
*999International Development Research Centre Library Thesaurus en1976128539272en fr es
*1000Thesaurus for Gender Studies and Women en1998142670011pt
*1001European Committee for Homeopathy Homeopathic Thesaurus en124410489en fr de it
*1002GEODOK Thesaurus en138038138en de
*1003British Columbia First Nations Subject Headings enen
*1004Multilingual Thesaurus of Nations enen fa
*1005European Union multilingual Thesaurus en141283127eu
*1006The thesaurus of the Parliament of Catalonia en262653738ca
*1007Glossary of the European Higher Education en305860700ca en fr es
*1008A table of geologic time en28356615, 90658637, 159353881CC BY-NC-ND 3.0ca en fr de es
*1009BBC Ontology en134199040en
*1010Business News Ontology en134199040en
*1011CMS Ontology en134199040en
*1012Core Concepts Ontology en2015134199040en
*1013Creative Work Ontology en134199040en
*1014Curriculum Ontology en134199040en
*1015Food Ontology en134199040CC BY 3.0en
*1016Politics Ontology en134199040en
*1017Programmes ontology en134199040en
*1018Provenance Ontology en134199040en
*1019Storyline Ontology en2013134199040CC BY-SA 3.06 Classes, 13 Properties (2017-02).
*1020Wildlife Ontology en134199040en
*1021CLOCell Line Ontology enen
*1023TEMAThesaurus engineering and management en161538478172614 (2017-04)
en de
*1024CCOCell Cycle Ontology en156873055en
POPlant Ontology enen
*1026Clinician's Thesaurus en27222046en
HCPCSHealthcare Common Procedure Coding System en167833252en
*1028ECOEvidence Codes Ontology enen
*1029TADSTick Gross Anatomy Ontology en72365en
ICCInformation Coding Classification en12834306en fr de
KAB Classification for general libraries en140095245de
*1032 System of the Real-Catalog of the University Library of Heidelberg en188510006731CC BY-SA 3.0de
*1033 Systematic overview of the catalog of dissertations, programs and brochures en1935126192308de
*1034Der neue Systematische Katalog der Universitätsbibliothek Berlin de22642782, 306073068de
*1035Sears List of Subject Headings en2007128972161en es
RVMDirectory of Materials en128357467en fr
*1037Systematisches und Alphabetisches Schlagwortregister der Kataloggruppe de266623619de
*1038Expanded Thesaurus en157322756ar en fr
*1039Subject headings for children's materials en131335978en
*1040United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Terminology en305046846en
*1041Proposed International Standard Nomenclature for Fields of Science and Technology en139500314CC BY-NC-SA 3.0en fr es
Field of Science and Technology Classification en2010149776292zh en fr lt pl pt
*1043Thema enar en fr de it ja no ru es sv
*1044UK Standard Library Categories enen
*1045Children's Books Marketing Classifications enen
*1046Product group system en148981220de
*1047System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe Classification en1980130744802CC BY-NC-ND 3.0en fr
Hornbostel-Sachs-systematics en191451816018, 46802025fi fr de es
*1049Classification Scheme for Illinois State Publications en143869436en
*1050SKJSystematik für Kinder- und Jugendbibliotheken de154802200de
SSDSystematik der Stadtbibliothek Duisburg de2001158258930de
*1052TSMSound carrier systematics en149691504de
*1053TPHAAndalusian Historical Heritage Thesaurus en125411109es
SFI Coding and Classification System for Ship Information enen
*1055Document Classification Scheme en133608121fr
*1056Plan de Classification des Documents enfr
*1057Plan de Classification des Documents en151723291fr
*1058Hydro-Québec Document Classification Scheme en134312812fr
*1059Classification Plan en159107540fr
*1060 Musteraktenplan für Politische Gemeinden de155420474de
*1061Musteraktenplan für Schulgemeinden de155420474de
*1062Musteraktenplan für evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinden de155420474de
*1063Musteraktenplan für römisch-katholische Kirchgemeinden de155420474de
*1064Peacekeeping File Classification Scheme en159746960en
*1065RCRPRecords Classification and Retention Plan en123099912en
*1066Chart of Accounts and Functional Classification enen fr de it
*1067International Glossary of Hydrology en2012141399695en fr ru es
*1068International Meteorological Vocabulary en141399695zh en fr de ru es
*1069Public Company Thesaurus en133198001fr
*1070Thesaurus Bibliothèque du Cirac en133427963fr
*1071Thematic Nomenclature GeoBretagne en170120052CC BY-NC-SA 3.0fr
*1072Thésaurus dph en141605253fr
*1073Klassifikation der Böden der Schweiz de2014263981316fr de it
*1074Thesaurus of Religious Objects of the Catholic faith en2008312738105en fr it pt es
*1075Standard Air Pollution Classification Network: a Thesaurus of Terms en140707837en
*1076Thesaurus of Terms Used in Microbial Risk Assessment en140707837en
*1077CMECSCoastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard en138297002en
*1078ASFA and Oceanic Abstracts Classification Codes enen
Historical Thesaurus of English en2009157362130en
*1080Thesaurus of Rock and Soil Mechanics Terms en126636321en
Dana Classification en22296149, 27128721en
USCSUnified Soil Classification System en147081590en
*1083Petroleum Abstracts® Exploration and Production Thesaurus en124623628en
*1084RAPRA Classification Code en129062856en
*1085Thesaurus des Bildarchivs der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft in der Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main de126031584de
*1086Fachsystematik der Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Düsseldorf de123890164de
*1087LanguaL™ Thesaurus encs da en fr de it pt es
*1088Standard Glossary of Terms used in Software Testing en155806043en
*1089Thesaurus for Soil Invertebrate Trait-based Approaches enen
*1090Thesaurus of Sustainability en143993105en
*1091EMCSFTSE Environmental Markets Classification System en133944846en
*1092Army Medical Library Classification Medicine en1947127990018en
*1093Medical and Health Related Sciences Thesaurus en1963145337417en
*1094Austrian system of the scientific branches en135300676de
*1095Application of the International Classification of Diseases to Dentistry and Stomatology en1994135618969en it
*1096ONSTOvid Nursing Subject Thesaurus en2009139732590en
*1097SRS Research Information System Thesaurus en261344431en
*1098Classification System for Rehabilitation Program Evaluation Technology and Literature en126783336en
*1099Instructional Materials Thesaurus for Special Education en261913011, 159418031en
*1100ANASTASIA Thesaurus enfr
*1101Thesaurus Library of the Center for Health and Social Services of Laval en12311336822184 (2017-04)
*1102Thesaurus Laboratory of Solid Physics en197347591fr
*1103Thesaurus Oniris Chantrerie en280820087fr
*1104Thesaurus Oniris Géraudière en280820087fr
*1105Thesaurus Pavillon Bosio - Higher School of Plastic Arts en123567557fr
*1106Thesaurus Overseas enfr
*1107Thesaurus National Alpine Veterinary School en137279632fr
*1108Thesaurus Integrated Center for Information Management enfr
*1109Thesaurus Collective Alpha en305971042947 (2017-04)
*1110A Proposed Taxonomy of Postsecondary Education Subject Matter Areas en139076502en
*1111Star Wars Thesaurus en1997en
*1112Thesaurus of Development Communication en151784820en
*1113Taxonomy of Exemplary Secondary School Programs in the State of California en127265165en
*1114Cancer Etiology and Selected Aspects of Cancer Pathology: A Decimal Classification en158945649en
*1115Cancer Biochemistry and Host-Tumor Interactions: A Decimal Classification en158945649en
*1116Hierarchical Decimal Classification of Information Related to Cancer Research en158945649en
*1117Slide Classification System for the Organization and Automatic Indexing of Interdisciplinary Collections of Slides and Pictures en133026545en
*1118Classification Scheme for Career Education Resource Materials en239167729en
*1119The Development of a Classification Scheme for Reading Research and Reading Resources en124280550en
*1120Classification plan of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers en2003140527370CC BY 3.0fr
*1121Thesaurus of Educational Technology Terms and Their Collocations enen
*1122Thesaurus of Outdoor Recreation Terms en135382732, 155939777en
*1123Keyword Thesaurus. A List of Terms and Codes to Identify Areas of Interest for Research and Other Types of Sponsored Programs en125412983en
*1124Child Abuse and Neglect Thesaurus en121841448en
*1125Kellogg Adult Education Thesaurus en154121848en
*1126Dokumentation moderner Fremdsprachenunterricht: Thesaurus de124968360de
*1127Evaluation Thesaurus en79106646en
*1128Vocational Education Outcomes: A Thesaurus of Outcome Questions en123889238en
*1129Human-Factors Taxonomy en2009142016336en
*1130A Classification System and Manual for Placement Office Libraries en16291296en
*1131Aufstellungssystematik der Zentralbibliothek der Sportwissenschaften de123757111de
*1132Tesqual en201087582833en
*1133IMO Thesaurus en134120240en
*1134Schlagwortverzeichnis der Pro Senectute Bibliothek de146327444de
*1135Current Index to Legal Periodicals Subject Headings en140766657en
*1136Klassifikationsschema der Institutsbibliothek Informationswissenschaft de151948159de
*1137Schlagwortliste der Institutsbibliothek Informationswissenschaft de151948159de
*1138National Clearinghouse on Aging Thesaurus en138370317en
*1139List of Subject Headings for Small to Medium Sized Law Libraries en135757982en
Moys Classification Scheme en52578141en
*1141Legal Classification of French-Speaking Switzerland en130059076en fr de it
*1142LMClassification Modern literature en142471487fr de
*1143MAClassification Literature Middle Ages en142471487fr de
*1144Linguistic Classification en142471487fr de
*1145Classification reference works / dictionaries / bibliographies. en142471487fr de
*1146Classification Généralités en142471487fr de
*1147NILS INsource Insurance Thesaurus enen
*1148T.M.C. Asser Instituut Classification Scheme en152110145en
*1149Terminology for Integrated Resources Planning and Management en1998148396178en
*1150Landscape Architecture Classification en159764129en
*1151Subject Headings of the Morris Swett Library en145421929en
*1152Theology in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Annotated Bibliography under Subject Headings en11574115en
*1153Low Intensity Conflict Thesaurus en1976141810528140 (2017-04)
*1154DTNSRDC Library Subject Thesaurus en132524554en
*1155PCA Cement and Concrete Thesaurus en143728026en
*1156Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms en139500419en
*1157Engineering-to-Biology Thesaurus en137594077, 126965763en
*1158Defence Technological and Scientific Thesaurus en1988145936537en
*1159MIRTMATRIS Indexing and Retrieval Thesaurus en1994134520188en
*1160Thesaurus of FAA Descriptors en312759488en
*1161Thesaurus for Pharmacological Literature of the U.S.S.R., East European Communist Countries, and People's Republic of China en131921410en
*1162Keyword dictionary of theology en264428268pl
*1163Glossary of Forest Terminology en142985438en
*1164Compilation of Forestry Terms and Definitions en2002129826507en
*1165Glossary of Forestry Terms en140795645en
*1166Glossary of Common Forestry Terminology en158295233en
*1167Terminology for Forest Landowners en156290570en
*1168Forestry Terms for Mississippi Landowners en159769078en
*1169Legal Terms and Concepts for Forest Landowners en159769078en
*1170Glossary of Optical Communication Terms en312759488en
*1171Statistical Terminology en199938943738CC BY 3.0en
*1172Common Violin Terminology enen
*1173Glossary of Poetic Terms en134710008en
*1174Glossary of Literary Terms en108449655zh en ko
*1175Glossary of Linguistic Terms en127584484en
*1176The Alliance of Information and Referral Services Linked Open Vocabulary en133719616/en
*1177Brain Architecture Management System Thesaurus en129870724/en
*1178Australian Emergency Management Glossary enen
*1179TBCIBrazilian Thesaurus of Information Science en155942393en pt es
*1180New Jersey State Legislature Thesaurus en138366464en
*1181Thesaurus craft en1994de
*1182Leeds University Library Classification Scheme en132805884en
*1183Max-Planck-Institut für Marine Mikrobiologie Bibliothekssystematik de262052712de
*1184Brian Deer Classification Scheme en2010en
*1185Classification of Legal Forms of Legal Units en127508632CC BY 3.0it
*1186business Rating en305872629ca es
*1187FBSFriedensauer Bibliotheks-Systematik de265633155de
*1188Institut für Wirtschaftsethik Bibliothekssystematik de267723823de
*1189Bibliothekssystematik Freie Theologische Hochschule Gießen dede
*1190Shelf Classification of the Library of Topography of Terror Foundation en148752530en de
*1191Neue Galerie Graz Bibliothekssystematik de131224935de
*1192German Protestant Institute of Ancient World Studies of the Holy Land Jerusalem Library Systematics en141993333en de
*1193Systematik der Bibliothek des Hamburger Instituts für Sozialforschung de124030217de
*1194Library systematics of the Department of Sociology at the Vienna University of Technology ende
*1195University of Navarra Library Classification System en266795772en es
*1196Thematic Classification of the Library of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law en143737591en
*1197RESI-Thesaurus für das Informationssystem zur Reaktorsicherheit de128478363de
*1198Subject Headings for Church or Synagogue Libraries en122683731en
*1199Thesaurus of economics and social sciences en167834203it
*1200Civil Aviation Technical Service Thesaurus en153968853fr
*1201Diocesan Library of Versailles Thesaurus enfr
*1202CIMCIM Terminology en136944096en
*1203Boggs and Lewis Classification of Maps and Atlases en93625757, 46522972en
*1204Hans-Bredow-Institut Bibliothekssystematik de141605615de
*1205Systematische Aufstellung der Bibliothek des Deutschen Liturgischen Instituts de141431885en fr de it es
*1206GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel Bibliothekssystematik de132331356en de
*1207GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel Schlagworte de132331356en de
*1208John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies Library Systematics en134794224en
*1209Bibliothek der Schweizerischen Theatersammlung Systematik en267345399de
*1210JGSGB Library Classification Code en134690458en
*1211Bibliothek für Europarecht Bibliothekssystematik de134553859de
*1212Library of the DHBW Mannheim system en146462204de
*1213Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin Systematik de143398130de
*1214Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik Bibliothekssystematik deen de
*1215Arbeitsstelle Studium und Beruf Bibliothekssystematik ende
*1216Bibliothek Christkatholische Theologie Systematik dede
*1217Bibliothek Evangelische Theologie Systematik dede
*1218Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar Bibliothekssystematik de132004643de
*1219Faculty of Philology, Department Library of Scandinavian Studies Shelf classification en133348453de
*1220Faculty of Philology, Department Library Classical Philology Shelf Classification en133348453de
*1221Faculty of Philology, Faculty Library of Comparative Studies en133348453de
*1222Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Slavistik Systematik de133348453de
*1223Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Sprachlehrforschung Aufstellungssystematik de133348453de
*1224Faculty of Philology, Department library for Romance Shelf classification en133348453de
*1225Faculty of Philology, Department Library Media Studies Shelf classification en133348453de
*1226Faculty of Philology, Department library for Theater science Shelf classification en133348453de
*1227Faculty of Philology, Department of German Studies German Studies Linguistics en133348453de
*1228Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Germanistik Aufstellung Niederlandistik de133348453de
*1229Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Germanistik Aufstellung Volkskunde de133348453de
*1230Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Germanistik Aufstellung Mediävistik de133348453de
*1231Fakultät für Philologie, Fachbereichsbibliothek Germanistik Aufstellung Mittellatein de133348453de
*1232Nomenclature 3.0 for Museum Cataloging en201091293835, 2467243, 106881327en
*1233Department of Finance Controlled Subject Vocabulary en267600858en fr
*1234Canadian Race Relations Foundation Glossary of Terms en158226240en fr
*1235WAVES Thesaurus en146595143en fr
GMDNGlobal Medical Device Nomenclature enen
MedDRA en1993130234339zh cs nl en fr de hu it ja pt es
*1238Bibliothekssystematik Politikwissenschaft de153024156de
*1239Library of the Geographical Institute en168523104de
*1240Systematikgruppen der UB-Vetmed de122681589de
*1241Systematik der Zentralbibliothek der Hochschule Hannover de307290186de
*1242Klassifikation Bibliothek Stadtarchiv Werne de140528626de
*1243Bibliothekssystematik der Bibliothek des Studienzentrums der Finanzverwaltung und Justiz Rotenburg a.d. Fulda de159293211de
*1244Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim Bibliothekssystematik de138120796de
*1245Institute of Contemporary History Library Classification System en156585463de
*1246Systematik der Gellertbibliothek de141403162de
*1247Sigmund Freud Private University of Vienna Library Systems en128571502de
*1248Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin Library Classification Scheme en245874836de
*1249Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Library Classification Scheme en139064671de
*1250Library systematics of the Institute of Statistics and Mathematics en2009139359581de
*1251Joseph Wulf Mediothek Systematics enen de
*1252Arbitration Documentation and Information Center Library Systematics ende
*1253Abteilung für Historische Fachinformatik und Dokumentation Bibliothekssystematik dede
*1254Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Technologiegeschichte Deskriptoren / Schlagwörter der Bibliothekssystematik de309795007de
*1255Haus Birkach Bibliothekssystematik de125260674de
*1256ISO 5127 Information and Documentation Vocabulary en19831497052572000 definitions (2017)
en fr
*1257ISO 4791-1:1985 Laboratory Apparatus Vocabulary en1985149705257en fr de ru
*1258ISO 4885:1996 Ferrous Products - Heat Treatments Vocabulary en1996149705257en fr
*1259ISO 5138 Office Machines Vocabulary en14970525721607 (2017-04)
en fr
*1260ISO 6196 Micrographics Vocabulary en1987149705257en fr
*1261ISO 787 Fuel Injection Equipment Vocabulary en1990149705257en fr ru
*1262ISO 8147:1995 Shipbuilding and Marine Structures - Derrick Rigs and Component Parts Vocabulary en1995149705257nl en fi fr de it no pl pt ru es
*1263TECHNOSEUM Keyword register for library systematics en128251047de
*1264Systematik Archiv und Bibliothek der Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt e.V. de151358197de
*1265Aufstellungssystematik Kulturanthropologie des Textilen dede
*1266Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum Bibliothekssystematik de154278018de
*1267Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg Archiv / Bibliothek Systematik de150744810de
*1268Cambridge University Library Classification Scheme en140790558en
*1269Study Library BASIC system en267750870en de
*1270Rechtswissenschaftliches Institut - Bibliothekssystematik de267750870en de
*1271American Planning Association Library Classification Scheme en135955709en
*1272FHNW Olten Classification Scheme en167608494en de
*1273Schiller Classification System en127385758en
*1274Bodleian Law Library Classification en126924152en
*1275UBCUniversal Binary Classification en2008en
*1276Classification for Asian and African studies en126520961en fi sv
*1277Classification of the antiquarian research en126520961en fi sv
*1278Classification for European Documentation Centre en126520961en fi sv
*1279Classification for philosophy en126520961en fi sv
*1280Classification for history of Finland, Scandinavia and Baltic countries en126520961en fi sv
*1281Yleisen historian hyllyluokitus en126520961en fi sv
*1282Archeology shelf classification en126520961en fi sv
*1283Classification for folkloristics en126520961en fi sv
*1284National Shelf Classification en126520961en fi sv
*1285North America Research Shelf Rating en126520961en fi sv
*1286Shelf rating of research in Russia and Eastern Europe en126520961en fi sv
*1287Fiction classification of fiction en126520961en fi sv
*1288Classification for Finnish en126520961en fi sv
*1289Classification for Finno-Ugrian Studies en126520961en fi sv
*1290Classification for English en126520961en fi sv
*1291Classification for Germanic languages en126520961en fi sv
*1292Classification of Nordic languages en126520961en fi sv
*1293Romance Language Classification en126520961en fi sv
*1294Classification for Slavonic and Baltic languages en126520961en fi sv
*1295Yleisen kielitieteen hyllyluokitus en126520961en fi sv
*1296Law School Shelf Rating en126520961en fi sv
*1297Shelf Rating of Literary Research, Aesthetics, Theater Science, Film and Television Research en126520961en fi sv
*1298Classification for musicology en126520961en fi sv
*1299Shelf rating of art history en126520961en fi sv
*1300Classification for biblical and Jewish studies en126520961en fi sv
*1301"Practical Theology Shelf Rating " en2010126520961en fi sv
*1302Classification of the Orthodox Church and theology en126520961en fi sv
*1303Practical Theology Shelf Rating en2010126520961en fi sv
*1304Luther study shelf rating en126520961en fi sv
*1305Classification for systematic theology en126520961en fi sv
*1306Classification for social sciences en126520961en fi sv
*1307English and American Studies Library Classification en137175203en de
*1308Sirkuksen tiedotuskeskus luokat ja hyllypaikat enen fi
*1309University Archives Classification Schedule en158406289en
*1310International Psychoanalytic University classification scheme ende
*1311Classification Roy en146502760fr
*1312Classification system for sound recordings en151723291en fr
*1313Film Classification Plan en151723291en fr
*1314German Historical Institute Warsaw Library System en125495003de pl
*1315Schwules Museum* Bestandssystematik de148014685de
*1316Systematik der Fachbibliothek Wirtschaftswissenschaft dede
*1317Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg/Br. Systematik der Bibliothek de132004643de
*1318Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Library Classification en149288927en
*1319Bibliothek der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik Trossingen Systematik de135550354de
*1320Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd Aufstellungssystematik der Hochschulbibliothek de133112642de
*1321Haus der FrauenGeschichte (HdFG) Bibliothekssystematik de146433610de
*1322Classification of the Iglf-Bibliothek ende
*1323GOKGöttinger Online-Klassifikation en139495279en de
*1324SEBSystematik für Evangelische Büchereien de147315842de
*1325SKBNonfiction classification of Catholic public libraries en154648560de
*1326Den Slesvigske Samling Signaturer & klassifikation da159947454da
*1327Library Classification System of the Gregorian Pontifical University en145651149en it
*1328Classification of Youth Literature Genres en262098730fr it
*1329TESEOTEsauro Sealed for Organization of Parliamentary Documents en148270715it
*1330Ontologia del Senato della Repubblica en148270715it
*1331Ontologia Camera dei Deputati en128498538it
*1332Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte Systematik der Buchaufstellung de167538706de
*1333Klassifikationssystem for Det Teologiske Fakultets Bibliotek dada
*1334Agricultural Communications Thesaurus en20101527154081351 (2017-03)
*1335Marianist Library Classification en142317014en
*1336Astronomical Observatory of Trieste Library Classification system en154226754it
*1337Det Teologiske Fakultet Fakultetsbiblioteket Klassifikationsskemaer da123900229da
*1338Systematik der Zentralbibliothek des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums de261858125de
*1339Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) classification scheme en155146576de
*1340Systematik der Landesgeschichtlichen Bibliothek de265755851de
*1341Bielefeld-Systematik de265755851de
*1342Brandenburgische Technische Universität (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg Systematik der Universitätsbibliothek de153121407de
*1343Wiener Systematik für Öffentliche Büchereien de123656870de
*1344Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg (HFR) Forstliche Aufstellungssystematik de149919193de
*1345The Royal Library Systematic Catalog 2nd Edition. en129583371da en
*1346The Royal Library Systematic Catalog en129583371da
*1347Systematisk register til Nordisk tidsskrift for kriminalvidenskab 1983-2012 da116907119da
*1348European Documentation Center Classification Plan en149306507pt
*1349University Groningen University Classification Scheme en155670113nl en
*1350SKSSygehusvæsnets Klassifikationssystem da305992750da
*1351NCSPNOMESCO Classification of Surgical Procedures en1997144956940da en fi no sv
*1352Forvaltnings Klassifikation dada
Omaha System en1975en
*1354Classification Scheme of the Tecnun Library en139233994es
*1355General Archive of the University of São Paulo Classification Plan en138319002pt
*1356Document Classification Plan of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul en167942242pt
*1357Library of the Order of Lawyers Classification plan of the documentation en140136094pt
*1358Classification Plan and Temporary Table of Administrative and Judicial Documents of the Superior Labor Court enpt
*1359Systematik der Medizinischen Zentralbibliothek de155582342de
*1360Institut für vergleichende Städtegeschichte Bibliothekssystematik de133696515de
*1361Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen Bibliothekssystematik de267637299de
*1362Codices Salemitani X,44a library system en1783126192308CC BY-SA 3.0la
*1363Library Classification en189459421742en
*1364IAC Library Book Classification System en133196444es
*1365Archival Information Classification Plan for Local Administration en2014pt
*1366Secretariat of the Environment Classification Plan enpt
*1367INA Web Thesaurus enen pt
*1368TUTThesaurus of University Terms en198630987436, 33448654CC BY-NC-SA 3.0en
*1369Document Classification Plan en125461189pt
*1370Thesaurus of ASTIA Descriptors en222863798en
*1371Energy Data Base Subject Thesaurus en1984153583615en
*1372International Energy Subject Thesaurus en1993123825868en
*1373Geopressured Geothermal Bibliography en198570322356en
*1374Thesaurus of Descriptors for the Vertical File System en1977167882332en
*1375Environmental/Chemical thesaurus en50508256, 6203341en
*1376iDAI.gazetteer Thesaurus en142498749CC BY 3.0ar en fr de pl
*1377Code of Classification of Archive Documents of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation en2007127190967pt
*1378Lehreinheit Philosophie Bibliothekssystematik de295720288de
*1379Systematik ARUBI de146003198de
*1380Systematik Biologie de146003198de
*1381Systematik Buch- und Bibliothekswesen de146003198de
*1382Systematik Chemie de146003198de
*1383Systematik Elektro- und Informationstechnik de146003198de
*1384Systematik Pädagogik de146003198de
*1385Systematik Geschichte de146003198de
*1386Systematik Informatik de146003198de
*1387Systematik Kunst / Medien de146003198de
*1388Systematik Maschinenbau/Verfahrenstechnik de146003198de
*1389Systematik Mathematik de146003198de
*1390Standortfreie Systematik Mathematik de146003198de
*1391Systematik Musik de146003198de
*1392Systematik Philosophie de146003198de
*1393Systematik Physik de146003198de
*1394Systematik Politik de146003198de
*1395Systematik Psychologie de146003198de
*1396Systematik Recht de146003198de
*1397Systematik Soziologie de146003198de
*1398Systematik Sport de146003198de
*1399Systematik Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft de146003198de
*1400Systematik Religion de146003198de
*1401Systematik Wirtschaftswissenschaften de146003198de
CCCClinical Care Classification System en199462180171zh nl fi fr de ko no fa pt sl es tr
*1403Thesaurus for Parliamentary Materials ende
*1404ISO 37120 indicator URIs en58144197en
*1405Global City Indicator Foundation Ontology en58144197en
*1406Open 311 Ontology en58144197en
*1407International Contact Ontology en58144197en
*1408TOVE Organization Ontology en58144197en
*1409GACSGlobal Agricultural Concept Scheme en2013148396178ar zh cs da nl en fi fr de hi hu it ja ko lo ms no fa pl pt ru sk es sv te th tr uk
Directory of UQAM Authorities-Subject en128926875en fr
*1411ASIS&T Thesaurus of Information Science, Technology, and Librarianship en26473051, 13740112en
*1412Education, Skills and Children's Services Thesaurus en158782667en
*1413CERL Thesaurus en151858558CC BY 3.0hr da nl en fr de it la pl es sv
*1414International Coastal Atlas Network Coastal Erosion Global Thesaurus enen fr no pt es
*1415Oregon Coastal Atlas Coastal Erosion Thesaurus Markup Terms enen
*1416Oregon Coastal Atlas Coastal Erosion Thesaurus Discovery Terms enen
*1417MIDA Coastal Erosion Thesaurus en2012223800989en es
*1418BODC Annotated Reference Material Classifiers en154054933en
*1419Systematics Media studies, Performing Arts, Theater, Dance, Artistics, Film, Broadcasting, Radio, Television en142164535de
*1420Systematik Philosophie de142164535de
*1421Systematik Deutsche Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft de142164535de
*1422Systematik Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft de142164535de
*1423Systematische Buchaufstellung Altertumswissenschaft, Klassische Philologie de142164535de
*1424Systematics Archaeology en142164535
*1425Overview of the subject classification system of Educational sciences en142164535de
*1426kid-Systematik de142164535de
*1427Systematic book setting up of the law en142164535
*1428Shelf Classification Mathmatics en142164535de
*1429Systematic book setting up of music en142164535de
*1430Systematic Table of Physics en142164535de
*1431Systematische Buchaufstellung Soziologie de142164535de
*1432Systematik Ethnologie de142164535de
*1433Systematische Buchaufstellung Sportwissenschaft de142164535de
*1434Übersicht über die Fächersystematik Allgemeine Literaturwissenschaft de142164535de
*1435Systematic book setting up of the English studies/American studies en142164535de
*1436Systematische Buchaufstellung Orientalistik de142164535de
*1437Systematische Buchaufstellung Sonstige Sprachen und Literaturen de142164535de
*1438Buchaufstellungssystematik Romanistik de142164535de
*1439Buchaufstellungssystematik Slavistik de142164535de
*1440Systematische Buchaufstellung Theologie de142164535de
*1441Systematische Buchaufstellung Wirtschaftswissenschaften de142164535de
*1442Systematische Buchaufstellung Statistisches Quellenmaterial de142164535de
*1443Konstanz library classification en196614216453559 classes (2016-05)
*1444SOCOfficial Classification System en126611891fr
*1445Fächerkatalog der Zentralbibliothek Kiel für die thematische Suche de126085862de
*1446Systematische Fächereinteilung der Staatlichen Bibliothek Passau de144893139de
*1447Gruppensystematik der ehemaligen Staatlichen Bibliothek Eichstätt de25657736333 (2017-03)
*1448Systematics for collection focus Marburgensia en142480544de
*1449Katholische Theologie - Aufstellungssystematik de153024156de
*1450Evangelische Theologie - Aufstellungssystematik de153024156de
*1451Systematik der Bibliothek der Filmwissenschaft/Mediendramaturgie de153024156de
*1452Aufstellungssystematik für das Fach Außereuropäische Sprachen und Literaturen de153024156de
*1453Sports systematics en153024156de
*1454Systematik der Theaterwissenschaft de153024156de
*1455Systematik der Bibliothek des Instituts für Kunstgeschichte de153024156de
*1456Systematik Hochschuldidaktik de153024156de
*1457Systematik Geographie de153024156de
*1458Systematik Geowissenschaften de153024156de
*1459Systematik Publizistik de153024156de
*1460Systematik Soziologie de153024156de
*1461Systematik Ethnologie de153024156de
*1462Systematik Afrikanistik de153024156de
*1463Systematik Jahn-Bibliothek für afrikanische Literaturen de153024156de
*1464Systematik Soziologie Hradil/Schwägler de153024156de
*1465Systematik Soziologie Landwehrmann/Nedelmann de153024156de
*1466Systematik der Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft de153024156de
*1467Systematik der Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft de153024156de
*1468Systematik der Alten Geschichte de153024156de
*1469Systematik der Buchwissenschaft de153024156de
*1470Systematik der Byzantinistik de153024156de
*1471Systematik der Germanistik de153024156de
*1472Systematik der Anglistik/ Amerikanistik de153024156de
*1473Systematik der Klassischen Archäologie de153024156de
*1474Systematik der Klassischen Philologie de153024156de la
*1475Systematik der Neogräzistik de153024156de
*1476Systematik der Kulturanthropologie / Volkskunde de153024156de
*1477Systematik der Mittleren und Neueren Geschichte de153024156de
*1478Systematik der Osteuropäischen Geschichte de153024156de
*1479Systematik der Philosophie de153024156de